May 17, 2013

May 17, 2013

Dear Fifth Grade Parents,

We are back in the swing of things here in 5A! The following is a curriculum update for the following week.


Monday: Lesson 95 Reciprocals

Tuesday: Test 18

Wednesday: Lesson 96, Using Reciprocals to Divide Fractions

Thursday: Lesson 97, Ratios


We are currently working on Chapter 9, New Life. Students have completed their study guides and we will have the chapter test next Thursday 5/23.

We are also working on the Steps to Respect curriculum.  We will be doing one lesson per week throughout the month of May.


The 5th graders have been reading informational texts about topics of interest to them. They have participated in book clubs with others reading about similar topics. We’ve learned how to glean important information from the text and present that information in an effective way to teach others about the topic.


Students are beginning a new unit on the human body. In Chapter 3 of the Family Life text, students will look at messages they receive from communication media. They will learn the importance of honesty and respect in good communication and prayer as a communication with God.

Social Studies

We are currently finishing up Lesson 12, The Declaration of Independence. Students have been creating skits about 5 excerpts of the Declaration of Independence to have a deeper meaning of the document. The test for this lesson will be on Wednesday, May 22nd.