March 29, 2018

March 29, 2018


Dear Fifth Grade Parents,


I hope you have a wonder Easter with your family! I would like to congratulate Brody Boyer (5A) for completing the RCIA program. He will be going through the Sacraments at the Easter Vigil at Holy Rosary.


I would like to share a Greek Tradition. We dye our Easter eggs on Holy Thursday. We dye them RED to represent the blood that Christ shed for us and our opportunity for everlasting life with Him in paradise.


                                                     Καλό Πάσχα!                  Καλή Ανάσταση!

Happy Easter!!!!           Happy Resurrection!!!




3/30 – Good Friday – Perfect Uniform & Silent Dismissal at Noon after The Stations of the Cross.

3/13 – BINGO BASH!!!!



After the break we will continue our study of the Liturgy of the Eucharist. Students will receive the study guide on 4/10. The test for Chapter 18 is on 4/17.


Empathy Training – So far this year we have completed the following lessons:

Lesson 1, Empathy and Respect

Lesson 2, Listening with Attention

Lesson 3, Being Assertive

Lesson 4, Predicting Feelings

Lesson 5, Taking Other’ Perspectives

Lesson 6, Accepting Differences

Lesson 7, Disagreeing Respectfully

Lesson 8, Responding with Compassion

Lesson 9, Introducing Emotion Management

Lesson 10, Calming Down

Lesson 11, Managing Anxiety


The week after the break we will do Lesson 12, Managing Frustration.




4/9 – Ch. 9, Lesson 5, Add Unlike Fractions

4/10 – Check My Progress Quiz

4/11 – Ch. 9, Lesson 6, Hands On: Use Models to Subtract Unlike Fractions

4/12 – Ch. 9, Lesson 7, Subtract Unlike Fractions

4/13 – Ch. 9, Lesson 9, Estimate Sums and Differences



Mr. Schreck

Chapter 9, Add & Subtract Fractions

Friday: No math

Monday: Lesson 12, Subtract Mixed Numbers

Tuesday: Lesson 13, Subtract with Renaming

Wednesday: Review Lesson 13

Thursday: Chapter 9 Test



Mrs. H

The students have been working really hard in their algebraic thinking during this last chapter of expressions.  In the week after Easter break, we will extend our study of expressions with the addition of an equals sign and an answer.  Chapter 7’s focus is on equations.  Students will solve equations by isolating the variable in one or two steps.  Students can check their answers by plugging in their answer into their original equation.  Have a wonderful Easter vacation!


Social Studies

We will be moving on to Ch. 11, To Declare Independence or Not. We will be studying three famous Loyalists and three famous Patriots. Students will be working in groups to prepare for a debate between these two sides!! Remember to practice your States and Capitals the test will be in early June!



Students will finish testing the parachutes they have designed and built. They will record the results of their experiments and parachute designs in an engineering design log.


Language Arts

This week we wrapped up some descriptive writing that 5th graders have been working on for the past couple of weeks. After spring break, we will resume our work in the Journey’s Reader’s Notebook with Lesson 20. Students will also begin a project where they learn what biographies are and how to find information to write one. Have a great break!



We’re wrapping up our Book Club unit with wonderful, creative PowerPoint book reports presented by each group. Ask your child to show you the slide show from their group! Due to some technical difficulties with the Smartboard, some groups will have to wait until after the break to present. Please keep your eyes open for any of our book club books and copies of Number the Stars or Hatchet that may still be lying around. Happy Easter and enjoy the break!






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