April 12, 2018



April 12, 2018


Dear Fifth Grade Parents!


Tomorrow night is the Big Bingo Bash!!! I hope everyone signed up. Also next week we are having “Vision Screening” during PE class on the 16th & 17th. The forms have been sent home. If you do not have one you can get another one in the school office.



April – 13 Turn in Camp Forms!

April – 13 Bingo Bash

April – 16-17 – Vision Screening during PE.

April 20 – 5A Prayer Service at 8:30am in the school hall.

April 24 – Picture Day (Perfect Uniform)



We are currently working on Chapter 18. The test for this Chapter is on 4/18. We are also working on our 5A Prayer Service, which is on Friday April 20th. Does anyone have any puppets that we can borrow for the prayer service?



2/16 Check My Progress L. 6-9.

2/17 L. 10, Hands On: Use Models to Add Mixed Numbers

2/18 L 11, Add Mixed Numbers

2/19 L. 12, Subtract Mixed Numbers

2/20 L. 13, Subtract with Renaming



Mr. Schreck

Chapter 10, Multiply and Divide Fractions

Friday: Lesson 1, Part of a Number

Monday: Lesson 2, Estimate Products of Fractions

Tuesday: Lesson 3, Model Fraction Multiplication

Wednesday: Lesson 4, Multiply Whole Numbers and Fractions

Thursday: Review Lessons 1-4

Friday: Quiz, Lessons 1-4


Math (Mrs. H):


We will be continuing our study of equations next week.  The students have been showing clear steps in isolating their variable.  We have talked about the steps to find the value of the variable.  The students will apply these steps to addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division problems.  We will also work with equations with fractional/mixed number coefficients.  Our chapter test will be at the end of next week after two full days of review.



Students will learn what makes up the solar system. They will discover how models of the solar system have changed. They will compare the planets and how objects in the solar system affect Earth.


Language Arts

This week we have been working on spelling words from other languages and students have started on a biography paper. Students will be able to choose any person in history or living who is an inspiration to them. Every student has an informational sheet explaining exactly what needs to be on the paper, if they choose to work on it over the weekend. I let them know not to worry about it though, as we will have class time next week to dive into it. The paper will be due Monday, April 23rd. Have a great weekend!


Social Studies

We have begun Ch. 11, To Declare Independence or Not. We will be studying three famous Loyalists and three famous Patriots. Students will be working in groups to prepare for a debate between these two sides! The debate will be on 4/27. The test will be on 4/30 (5A) and 5/1 (5B) Remember to practice your States and Capitals the test will be in early June!


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