March 1, 2007

March 1, 2007

Dear Fifth Grade Parents,

Here is a brief curriculum update.

Friday: Lesson 73, Adding and Subtracting Decimal Numbers
Monday: Lesson 74,Converting Units of Length
Tuesday: Lesson 75, Changing Improper Fractions to Whole or Mixed Numbers
Wednesday: Test 14
Thursday: lesson 76, Multiplying Fractions

This week the student completed their “Dead Sea Scroll” replica. They really enjoyed this activity. We will continue on with Chapter 17 next week. The study guide for this lesson will be handed out on Tuesday to be due on Thursday 3/8.

Language Arts
Completed limericks written on shamrocks were due today, Thursday. Also today we’ll begin a persuasive piece, which is an event advertisement. The verb test is tomorrow, along with the weekly spelling test. As a review for the test, students received a study guide on Monday. Remember that you can check my website for updates:

Next week during Reading class the skill we will be focusing on is reading for information. The strategies students will be using are summarizing, note-taking,
re-reading/skimming, vocabulary building and determining importance of details.

Number the Stars poster boards are due on March 12th. Please see rubric for more information. On Monday, each student was given a rubric.

Students will learn how adaptations help organisms survive in cold climates. Students will make a model of fat insulation and tests its ability to prevent heat loss. Students will also discover what adaptations help organisms survive in warm climates and climates that experience seasonal changes.

Social Studies
Next week the fifth graders will be finishing up Chapter 9. We will not have a test on this chapter. The map test for the 13 colonies has been pushed back..I will be giving the map and names of colonies out on 3/6. We will have the test a week from 3/6 on 3/13. The walking tour took more time than I had anticipated.

Have a great Week!

Ms. Semandiris