February 8, 2018



February 8, 2018


Dear Fifth Grade Parents,


I wanted to remind everyone that I offer something called “Check-in & Check-Out” after school on M, T, Th & F from 3:00pm to 3:15pm.

This an opportunity for students to turn in missing work, get work they need if they lost it or if they need further explanation. I also can sign their planner to make sure they write their homework down. If they choose to come it is important that they understand that sometimes I have many students that I am helping for many different reasons. Please be patient as I can only help one person at a time. Thank you.

**If no one shows up between 3:00 and 3:10 I sometimes go and do some things around the school for example make copies, meet with 5/6 team or other things. I am always at school until 3:30 at least so if students show up after 3:05 they can find me and I would love to help them!


Valentines Day – Wear Pink, Red, White!!! Party Feb 13th 12:10pm – 1:50pm – A big Thanks to all the Room Parents and parent helpers who are organizing this!!!!

– In 5th grade students may bring Valentines to pass out to the students in class. (Not mandatory of course!) If they choose to pass out Valentines please have them make them for the entire 5A class. You can find the class list in the Holy Rosary Directory! We do not make a box to put them in so students can bring a bag to bring them home in.


Please advise that I monitor all activity through Goguardian on the students Chromebooks during the hours of 8am-3pm. Students are NOT to be on the Chromebooks unless the teacher specifically has told them to do so for a specific learning activity. Two Tech infractions result in a detention


5th Grade Parents,

Hello! The 5th grade is going to have a fantastic auction art project.  To make it happen we need each student to send in a clean T-shirt or sports jersey to donate to our auction project.  It needs to arrive clean, inside a bag labeled with their name and their classroom (5A or 5B).  If the t-shirt/sport jersey is double sided please indicate on the bag if the student wants the front or the back of the t-shirt to be included in the project.  The t-shirt will be used in the physical project so you will not get it back unless you buy the art project at the auction!

Deadline for turning in a shirt is Tuesday February 13th.

Please turn in all shirts to the bin in your classroom.

Thank you,

Annie, Julie, and Katie

Your Room Parent and Auction Art Project Volunteers



We are currently making goals for Lent in the areas of Prayer, Fasting and Almsgiving. Lent begins next Wednesday on Ash Wednesday! We are also working on Ch. 16 in the textbook. Students are learning about the idea of gathering together (Assembly) to worship at the Mass. It is too early to talk about the test date!!




We have been moving slowly in math to go over the content in a detailed manner. Ch. 6 Multiplying and Dividing Decimals is a very challenging chapter for 5th graders. It is new information (not review) and it will be covered again in-depth in the 6th grade curriculum next year. We also went over test corrections in class as a group and the students did a fantastic job finding their errors on some of the problems from the chapter test. ***Please have your child attend “Check-in-Check Out” if they want any one-on-one review outside of class. 3:00pm – 3:15pm, M, T,Th, F in 5A!!!!


Ch. 7 Expressions & Patterns

2/9 – Ch.7 L.2, Order of Operations

2/12 – Ch. 7 L. 3 Write Numerical Expressions

2/13 – Check My Progress Lesson

2/14 – Check My Progress Quiz

2/15 – Ch. 7 L, 6 Patterns

2/16 – No School



Mr. Schreck

Friday: Chapter 7 Test

Chapter 8, Fractions & Decimals

Monday: Lesson 1, Fractions & Division

Tuesday: Lesson 2, Greatest Common Factor

Wednesday: Lesson 3, Graph Patterns

Thursday: Lesson 4, Problem-Solving; Guess, Check, Revise

Math (Mrs. H):
Next week we will continue our work with fractions, decimals, and percents (Chapter 2).  This chapter has many real-life applications.  When we find the percent of a number, we will talk about finding the sale price of an item on discount, estimating the tip at a restaurant, and finding the tax on something you buy at a store.


Just a reminder that our end of the book test for Number the Stars will be Thurs. Feb. 15. Students have been strategizing about ways to prepare for a ‘whole book’ test. We have spent time in class using the Sparknotes.com site to review chapters and learn more about characters and themes. Students have been using the online quizzes to check their knowledge of the events in the story. There is also a handy full book quiz located in the Sparknotes site. The 5th graders estimated that if they spend about 15 min. a night reviewing and preparing for the test, they should be more than ready on Thursday!


Language Arts

5th graders have been continuing to work out of their Journey’s Readers Notebooks. We are currently on Lesson 13 and next week we will be moving on to Lesson 14. Next week, students will be starting to write an opinion piece. We have recently discussed the difference between fact and opinion and how to differentiate between the two. Students will be able to choose their topic for this opinion piece and they are excited to get started!



Students begin lesson 3 in Ecology: How energy moves through an ecosystem. Students will discover what food chains, food webs and energy pyramids show about energy flow in an ecosystem.

To help students understand these concepts, they will create a food web and energy pyramid for an Antarctic ecosystem.


Social Studies

We are making very good progress on Chapter 8, Facing Slavery. The study guide was put on Google Classroom today. Students will have completed their interactive Notebook notes in class by tomorrow. We will review the answers in class and I will also be providing the correct answers to the students. The test for this Chapter is on 2/22. (I extended/changed the date as a courtesy.)









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