February 15, 2018


February 15, 2018


Dear Fifth Grade Parents,


I hope you have a wonderful Mid-Winter break!! It is a great time to reflect and make new goals during this Lenten season.


Next Week:

  • 2/22 Chromebook Assembly: Ms. Horton and Mr. Barker will be speaking to the 5/6 students to go over proper Chromebook usage. This will be very important and informational.
  • 2/22 Father Oakland will meet with both 5A & 5B for his monthly religion class!


Save the Date for the HRS School Play!

  • Bring your whole family on the evenings of March 7th and 8th to enjoy Holy Rosary Drama Department’s debut of Porridgegate!  This play is full of mystery, intrigue, humor and whimsical entertainment!
  • When:Wednesday March 7th & Thursday March 8th @ 7:00pm
  • Where: Holy Rosary School, Main Entrance: School Hall
  • Cost:Donations warmly accepted at the door
  • *Delicious treats & refreshments will be available from our Concession Stand!





The Ch. 16 Religion test is on 2/21. Students reviewed the answers to the study guide. Remember to study over the break! Students have reflected on their Lenten Goals. They made a goal for prayer, fasting and Almsgiving during Lent. Students received their Rice Bowls this week! So it is a great time to start filling them up!!




We have been moving slowly in math to go over the content in a detailed manner. Ch. 6 Multiplying and Dividing Decimals was a very challenging chapter for 5th graders. It is new information (not review) and it will be covered again in-depth in the 6th grade curriculum next year. We also went over test corrections in class as a group for two days and the students did a fantastic job finding their errors on some of the problems from the chapter test. Also for Chapter 7, students can watch tutorial videos to review for the test ahead of time. ***Please have your child attend “Check-in-Check Out” if they want any one-on-one review outside of class. 3:00pm – 3:15pm, M, T,Th, F in 5A!!!!

Ch. 7 Expressions & Patterns

2/21 – Ch. 7 L. 6 Patterns

2/22 – Ch. 7 L. 8 Ordered Pairs

2/23 – Ch. 7 L. 9, Graph Patterns

2/26 – Chapter Review/Pre-Test

2/27 – Chapter Test



Mr. Schreck

Chapter 8, Fractions & Decimals

Wednesday: Lesson 6, Compare Fractions

Thursday: Lesson 7, Use Models to Write Fractions as Decimals.


Math (Mrs. H):

In the short week next week, we will complete our study of Ch. 2: Fractions, Decimals, and Percents.  On Wednesday, we will do our second day of review before the chapter test on Thursday.  Students should work through the study guide very carefully and use the answer key as a resource for studying.  It has been fun to see the kids getting more comfortable with using fractions, decimals, and percents to solve real world scenarios.


Language Arts

This week students worked hard on Lesson 14 from their Journey’s Readers Notebook. Students practiced when to use commas and semi colons and how to spell words with multiple vowels next to each other. After mid-winter break, as we near the end of Black History Month, students will work on a 2 day project where they research an African American inventor, author, poet, entertainer, or other positive influence and make an informational brochure on this person. I will give students more directions on this project in class. It should be a fun short week!


Social Studies

We are making very good progress on Chapter 8, Facing Slavery. The study guide was put on Google Classroom last week. Students will have completed their interactive Notebook. We reviewed the answers in class and I will also be provided the correct answers to the students. The test for this Chapter is on 2/22. (I extended/changed the date as a courtesy.)



Students will learn about natural cycles in an ecosystem. They will create diagrams to show how carbon dioxide, oxygen, nitrogen and water cycle through an ecosystem. Students will take a quiz on lessons 3 & 4 in their texts Friday, March 2nd.






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