February 28, 2013

February 28, 2013

Dear Fifth Grade Parents,

We will be having our Camp Seymour informational meeting on March 20th at 6:00pm.  It will be held in the Library. Please parents only for this meeting.

Safari Art Walk – Come take the Safari Art Walk this Thursday during Holy Rosary Happy Hour, right before the Parent’s Club meeting! Lions, cheetahs, elephants, and other African safari animals have invaded our school in the most artistic and creative way. Artwork from grades K-7 will be displayed in the school hall for you to view up close and personal, so no need to bring binoculars! You’ll also get a preview of our 2012-2013 yearbook “Safari To Success” and you’ll have a chance to win a free yearbook! Students from the yearbook elective will be speaking as well as the Yearbook teachers, Mrs. DeFeo and Mr. Barker. We hope to see you there this Thursday! ROWR!

Look for the 5th Grade Zebras!!!!!

The following is a curriculum update for the following week:


Monday 3/4: Investigation 7 Pattern Recognition

Tuesday 3/5: Lesson 71, Fractions, Decimals, Percents

Wednesday 3/6: Lesson 72, Area Part 1

Thursday 3/7: Lesson 73, Adding and Subtracting Decimal Numbers


Next week we will have the Chapter 18 test on Wednesday 3/3.  We will begin our Steps to Respect program on 3/5. We will be doing one lesson a week through the month of March.


Students begin Chapter 4, Ecology. Students will explore the components of soil by classifying the parts into living, once-living and nonliving. Student will learn about the parts of an ecosystem. They will also discover how habitats and niches are related.

 Social Studies

The fifth graders are working very hard on Lesson 9. We are currently visiting various places in the colonial town of Williamsburg, Virginia.  They are completing the Interactive Notebook notes in class. The test will be next Friday 3/8.

Please remind your child to study for the States and Capitals test which will be on March 27th.


5th Graders have been learning to distinguish the difference between Fact and Opinion, and talking about why that is an important reading skill. At the same time, we’ve been reading about a young girl named Dwaina Brooks who took it upon herself to make a difference in her community by making lunches for the homeless. This story is beautifully timed with our school-wide Lenten effort to make lunches for the men at St. Martin de Porres.

Language Arts

Students are continuing to study root words, prefixes, and suffixes. This week students have been busy examining root words and blending them with prefixes to create new vocabulary words. Next week, students will examine suffixes and continue to blend new vocabulary words. At the end of next week, students will be starting a short narrative writing piece about an event that happened in their lives. The rubric will be handed out at the end of the week next week. A due date has not yet been determined.

Please remind you child to study for upcoming spelling tests.

Have a great week!

Ms. Semandiris