February 26, 2009

February 26, 2009

Dear Fifth Grade Parents,

Parent Informational Meeting in the HRS Library: 6:30pm Tonight 2/26! (We should be done by 7:30pm)

5A will attend morning Mass together on Wednesday: 3/4/09 for Lent. 7:45a.m.

Monday: Lesson 64, Using Money to Model Decimal Numbers
Tuesday: Lesson 65, Decimal Parts of a Meter
Wednesday: Test #12
Friday: Lesson 66, Reading a Centimeter Scale

The Fifth Graders are working on Chapter 17, The Liturgy of the Word. The study guide has been handed out and most students finished it during class today. If they did not finish I would like them to finish it for Homework tonight. Next week, students will be making their own “ Dead Sea Scroll” with an Old Testament passage written on it. The test for Chapter 17 will be on 3/3.

We spent much of last week building some background about World War II, and now the students seem to be enjoying the beginning chapters of Number the Stars. We have spent a good deal of time in discussions about the events in the story so far, and there seems to be a high level of interest in the book. Again, most of our reading will take place in class, but there will be follow up activities and/or re-reading to do for homework.

Reminder: Book Reports are due on March 9th. The students will present their report in a short oral presentation.

Social Studies
The Fifth Graders have been making great progress in class for Chapter 10. I am moving the test up to 3/5 because the students will be ready next week to take this test. This week we will be going over the notes in the Interactive Notebook for Chapter 10 as well as creating short skits that explain the events leading up to the Revolutionary War.

Language Arts: Students review and prepare for our test on verbs that is scheduled for Tuesday, March 3rd. Students will bring home a study guide today; it will also be available on my webpage, along with some practice sheets to help the students prepare. Our spelling test is on Monday; the spelling assignment is also due on Monday.

Students begin Chapter 1, The Changing Earth. Students will explore the earth’s layers by making a model out of clay. Students will learn characteristics of the atmosphere, hydrosphere, and lithosphere.

Have a great week!

Ms. Semandiris