February 21, 2019


February 21, 2019


Dear Fifth Grade Parents,


I hope you enjoy the exciting information that is in this Boomerang! We are almost done with the month of February!!


The following is a curriculum update for the week of 2/25 – 3/1. Enjoy!



We are working on Chapter 16, Gathered for Mass. Students will be receiving the study guide for this chapter next week. We will be completing it in class. The test looking ahead will be on 3/8.




2/21 L. 9 Estimate Quotients

2/25 Check My Progress Quiz L. 6-9

2/26 L. 11 Divide Decimals By Whole Numbers

2/27 L. 13 Divide Decimals

2/28 L. 14 Divide Decimals By Powers of 10

3/1     Chapter Review



Mr. Schreck

Chapter 8, Fractions & Decimals

Friday: Lesson 1, Fractions & Division

Monday: Lesson 2, Greatest Common Factor

Tuesday: Lesson 3, Simplest Form

Wednesday Lesson 4, Problem Solving

Thursday: Review Lessons 1-4



Students will discover what food chains, food webs and energy pyramids show about energy flow in an ecosystem. To help students understand these concepts, they will create a food web and energy pyramid for an Antarctic ecosystem.


Math (Mrs. Heuer)

This is Mrs. Heuer, and I am happy to be back seeing the HRS kids again and get back into some more great math learning.  I missed seeing them while I was away on maternity leave but enjoyed every moment of the time with Ellie, Calvin, and baby Geri.  🙂


Next week we are continuing our work with fractions, decimals, and percents.  After working with these conversions, we will work with finding the percent of a number.


Students should look in PowerSchool to make up any missing work with the trimester ending in a few weeks.


Language Arts

We were finally able to complete our Lesson 11 Spelling Quiz last week! Thank you for being flexible with all of our sporadic snow days. We will plan for Lesson 12 Spelling Quiz (no challenge words) to be held Friday March 1st.


Social Studies

We will begin Chapter 8, Facing Slavery. In this chapter students will learn about the slave trade from the West African perspective. In a series of real-life scenarios, students will discuss in small groups what they would do if faced with these dilemmas. This test will be on 3/1. The study guide will be available on SS Google classroom one week prior to the test and usual and a hard copy is always offered during class to any students who want it. This has been standard procedure.



Students should complete 60 minutes of typing practice for the week.  Each grading week for 5A starts on Thursday and ends the following Wednesday.  Their next hour is due by the end of Wednesday (2/27).


Their next typing test will take place next Thursday (1/28) and will be on C, G, N, and Previous Keys.  Accuracy is calculated on the test on a % based scale. Speed will be expected to be at least 20 wpm for 100% for these keys.


Suess Yourself Day – Friday, March 1, 2019

In celebration of Dr. Seuss’s Birthday, Read Across America, and the celebration of literacy we will dress up as our favorite Dr. Seuss character next Friday.  Dr. Seuss created dozens of memorable characters: the Cat in the Hat, Thing 1 and Thing 2, Sam-I-Am, and the Lorax, to name a few.  Which Dr. Seuss character is your favorite? Suess yourself!  It can be as simple as a wacky hairdo, mismatched clothes, or fun hat.  Be creative, and share your spirit for reading with our Holy Rosary Community!



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