December 13, 2012


December 13, 2012

Dear Fifth Grade Parents,

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year! Enjoy the free time with your family!! Thank you so much for donating the our “Adopt a Family”. We will be delivering the presents to the Rectory on 12/18!


12/17: Reconciliation Communal Service 1:25pm

12/18: 5A Class Thank-you Auction 12:05pm

12/19: Noon Dismissal…. Merry Christmas!!!


Monday: 12/17,Lesson 47, Simplifying Mixed Measures

Tuesday: 12/18, Lesson 48, Reading and Writing Whole Numbers in Expanded Notation

Wednesday: 12/19, Solving Two-Step Word Problems

Wednesday: 1/2, Lesson 50, Finding and Average

Thursday: Investigation 5, Organizing and Analyzing Data


We will have the Chapter 15 test on Monday. Please remind your child to study the study guide. The test will be very similar.

On Wednesday 12/19 we will have a brief Faith Family to exchange cards and then we will be reading the story of the Nativity in our Bibles. The week after the break we will be learning about “Epiphany” and writing emotion poems as well as drawing illustrations. We will then watercolor the illustrations and hand them on the main hall Bulletin Board.

Social Studies

The Fifth Graders are working on Lesson 6, Early English Settlements. In this lesson they will be learning about Roanoke, Jamestown and Plymouth. They are currently preparing “Act it Outs” to present to the class after the Christmas Break on Tuesday 1/8. There are specific questions in the directions for the “Act it Outs” that each student will need to answer about all three of these settlements.  These questions are due on presentation day. The test for this lesson is on 1/9.


The 5th graders have been practicing oral reading fluency
while enjoying some Reader’s Theater this week. Additionally, they have been identifying critical story elements in a variety of Christmas stories. Don’t forget to put a book or two under the tree this year! Merry Christmas!


Students are studying the cell structure of plants and animals. Students are identifying basic parts (organelles) of the cells and their function.

Language Arts

This week students have chosen a Christmas noun to write a short descriptive paragraph. In class students have brainstormed adjectives about their noun and are in process of writing sentences using their descriptive adjectives. This short descriptive writing piece will be due December 18th.

Please continue to remind your son or daughter to study for upcoming spelling tests.

Ms. Semandiris