April 29, 2010

April 29, 2010
Dear Parents of Fifth Graders,

Next week we are going to Camp Seymour! Please arrive at school at normal time on Monday. (8:15am) Also, remember that your child will be back at HRS on Wednesday around 12:00pm to be picked up and taken home. We are so excited for this big adventure. Don’t forget to review the “reminder list” I sent out in the Boomerang last week.

Students will predict and investigate how variations in rubber band energy affect the distance their vehicle travels. They will discuss the relationship between the number of turns of the rubber band around the axle and the distance their axel-driven vehicles travel.

Reading – 5th graders have enjoyed the story, The Jr. Iditarod. We have focused our discussions around locating the Main Idea and supporting details. There will be a Selections Test on Friday. Next week we will read one of my favorite stories from the Scott Foresman text, The Memory Box. This is a story about a wonderful relationship between a young boy and his grandparents. Our Target skill will be determining the author’s purpose for writing. We continue to make time each day for silent reading. Students should always bring a silent reading book to Reading class along with their other necessary supplies.

Social Studies
The fifth graders will begin Chapter 13, The Revolutionary War on May 6th. This chapter is very interesting and exciting for the fifth graders.

Language Arts: All students should be prepared to recite their poem of choice by tomorrow, Friday, April 30th. This week, we review subject, object and possessive pronouns as students create “pronoun pockets” to sort and classify singular and plural pronouns. Since students are at camp next week, there will not be a spelling assignment or test. I wish all the students a fun and educational adventure at Camp Seymour!!

Ms. Semandiris