April 11, 2019 Boomerang

Dear Fifth Grade Parents,


The Spring MAPS testing window is May 6 – May 21. Camp Seymour is May 8-10! Please turn in your permission slip and two medical forms by April 19th. The last day to turn in service project items is Good Friday.



May 6 – May 21 – Spring MAPS Testing Window

May 8 – 10 – Camp Seymour



We are currently working on Chapter 18, which teaches about the Liturgy of the Eucharist. Students will receive the study guide for this chapter tomorrow in class. We will be working on it during class. Next week we will be learning about the Stations of the Cross during Holy Week.


*All fifth graders took the ACRE Religion Test this week. This test is mandated by the Archdiocese to track performance of the Catholic schools. Student’s results will not affect their religion grade.




4/12 – Ch. 9 Lessons 1-5 Quiz

4/15 – Ch. 9 Lesson 7, Subtract Unlike Fractions

4/16 – Ch. 9 Lesson 9, Estimate Sums and Differences

4/17 – Ch. 9 Check My Progress Quiz Lessons 7-9

4/18 – Lessons 10, Hands On: Use Models to Add Mixed Numbers

4/19 – Lessons 11, Add Mixed Numbers



Mr. Schreck

Chapter 10, Multiply and Divide Fractions

Friday: Review Lessons 1-4

Monday: Quiz, Lessons 1-4

Tuesday: Lesson 6, Multiply Fractions

Wednesday: Lesson 7, Multiply Mixed Numbers

Thursday: Lesson 7, Multiply Mixed Numbers part II

Friday: Lesson 8, Multiplication as Scaling



Mrs. H

We will be continuing our study of equations next week.  The students will be showing clear steps in isolating their variable.  We have talked about the steps to find the value of the variable.  The students will apply these steps to addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division problems.  We will also work with equations with fractional/mixed number coefficients.  Our chapter test will be after our Easter break because we will take two days to review the content.


Social Studies

Today in 5B we completed the Interactive Notebook notes and the students corrected any incorrect answers in class. Today in 5A students worked to complete the notes with a partner and these pages will be due tomorrow. Students will have a chance to write in the correct answers in class. The study guide for this Chapter 10 is on Google Classroom and the test is on 4/18. Students will be creating short skits that represent the cartoon metaphor of the Mother/Child (Great Britain/Colonists) for the 6 events that led up to the Revolutionary War. Students will present these skits early next week.


Language Arts

Lesson 16 Spelling Quiz will be Thursday, April 18th. I have had many students tell me that they will be away. Please be sure your student comes to see me after school, before they leave, to make sure the quiz is complete before break. This week instead of focusing on our writing we have been practicing for the quiz. This decision was made in hopes of all students being prepared to take the quiz at any point next week, it is also a tricky set of words! Any questions please feel free to e-mail me. Home stretch ’til some time off, hang in there!



Book Club slideshow presentations will begin next week. Students should finish their slides before Monday. On Monday they will have a chance to practice their oral slide presentations. We will enjoy one a day until all groups have presented.



Students have read about the planets in our solar system using www.spaceplace.nasa.gov and www.nationalgeographic.com/science/space/. Each student has chosen a planet to research. In class, students will create a pamphlet describing the planet they have chosen.



Talent Show Permission Slips in Office


The annual HRS Talent Show is coming up on Friday, May 17th and will be a Disney theme!  We are looking forward to seeing the students sharing their talents with our school.  Permission slips are now in the front office, so pick one up today!  Please make sure to read the directions carefully and turn in completed and signed slips into the office.  Group acts need to turn in their slips together.  The last day to turn in permission slips is Tuesday, April 30th.

























A note from Mrs. Wheythman:

Please share my web page below with your students and families via newsletters and/or your website.  These are Kahoot games they can play to review their books read in preparation for their Battle of the Books tournament coming up after Spring Break.





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