September 18, 2008

September 18, 2008

Dear Fifth Grade Parents,

Each week we will post this boomerang letter on our websites. Please take the time to read it and note specific dates for upcoming tests and quizzes. The following is a brief curriculum update for the upcoming week.

Social Studies
The fifth graders have been working through Lesson 1, Geography of the United States. They have completed Maps 1A – 1D in their Interactive Notebooks in class. We will have a test on Lesson 1 next Thursday, (9/25). There is an Internet tutorial for each lesson on the History Alive link on my website. The types of questions on the test are similar to those on the pre-test.

Each day, we have been learning about “Electing a President” in our Weekly Reader. I have handed out a study guide that covers up to page 16 in our Weekly Reader. We will be having a quiz on that information on Wednesday, (10/1). The study guide will be completed in class.

Friday: Investigation 1
Monday: Lesson 11, Story Problems about Combining
Tuesday: Lesson 12, Lines, Numbers, Tally Marks
Wednesday: No Math because of Mass
Friday: Lesson 13, Multiplication as Repeated Addition

We have begun Chapter 1, Longing for God. Students have received the study guide for this lesson. We will be working on it during class. Students will receive a “Woman at the Well” handout on Tuesday to be due on Wednesday. The study guide for this lesson will be due next Thursday.

Language Arts: 5th graders are reviewing basic parts of speech: nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs. This week, students will use Comic Life–a software program on our laptops–to create a comic book cover describing themselves using these parts of speech. Spelling homework is due on Monday; our test is also on Monday.
Students will take a short quiz tomorrow on the controlled experiments they conducted with pendulums (swingers). Students have begun a unit on astronomy. Students have tracked the sun’s movement across the sky to investigate the earth-sun relationship. Students will be able to describe why the sun seems to move across the sky in a recognizable pattern. Students will construct pocket sun clocks to make observations about the passing of time. ?

Reading: This week 5th Graders have been focusing on the Target Skill of Sequencing. We have practiced this skill using the selection, From the Diary of Leigh Botts, from our Scott Foresman Text. Also, 5th graders received the directions and rubric for the 1st Trimester Book Report.

Health and Fitness-On Monday, Sept. 22, fifth graders can begin bringing shorts and t-shirts to change into for Health and Fitness class. It is not mandatory, but highly recommended. Classes are now 50 minutes and with the added time and activity level students would be more comfortable during class as well as the rest of the day.

Have a great week!

Ms. Semandiris