Boomerang Newsletter: March 4, 2022

Dear Fifth Grade Parents,


Camp Seymour Outdoor Education Camp –  Information Meeting:

We will be having a Camp Seymour “Informational Meeting” on Thursday April 7th at 6pm. This meeting will be on zoom. We will send a zoom link out at a later date. Camp Seymour is May 4 – 6, 2022.


EFC Link




5th Grade Math Placement Information

Lenten Outreach Handout




  • March 11th – No School
  • March 18th – Noon Dismissal
  • April 15th – Noon Dismissal, Good Friday
  • April 18th-22nd – Easter Break

The following is a curriculum update for the week of March 7- 10, 2022:


Math – Ms. Semandiris

Ch. 7 Expressions and Patterns

Monday (3/7) – Ch. 7 L. 2 Order of Operations

Tuesday (3/8) – Ch, 7 L. 3 Write Numerical Expressions

Wednesday (3/9) – Check My Progress p. 505

Thursday (3/10) – Quiz on Lessons 2-3.


Math – Mr. Schreck:

Chapter 8, Fractions & Decimals

Monday: Lesson 3, Simplest Form

Tuesday: Lesson 4, Problem Solve: Guess, Check, Revise

Wednesday: Review Lessons 1-4

Thursday: Quiz, Lessons 1-4

Friday: No School


Math – Mrs. Heuer

Monday: *6.2 Numerical Expressions (Day 2)

Tuesday: *6.3 Variables and Expressions

Wednesday: *6.4 Write Expressions

Thursday: *TBD – Likely 6.5 Properties

Friday: *No school



Next week students will complete the Ch. 16 Study Guide in class on Monday. We will review the study guide on Tuesday. The test will be on 3/15.



Students will examine the relationship between photosynthesis and respiration to understand how carbon dioxide and oxygen are cycled through an ecosystem. Students will also learn how living things use nitrogen and how it is cycled through the earth.

Social Studies

Next week, we will be continuing our study of Chapter 8 Facing Slavery. Students are learning about three dilemmas the West African people faced during this time. Students will be learning about the Triangular Slave Trade.



Hello, and happy weekend. Students have been doing great work as they prepare for writing a theme essay. Because this will be many students’ first time writing an essay with five paragraphs, I have modeled, and we are writing together, a practice essay with the theme “family will always be there to support us.” Next week, students will determine their own theme for the novel. Because of this, they will have a modified double-entry, on which they will find quotes that support their selected theme. We should be done with the book in the next week or two. We will also have a spelling test next week. Thanks, and let me know if you have questions.