November 29, 2018

November 29, 2018


Dear Fifth Grade Parents,


It was so nice to meet with all of you during conferences. I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!


HOMEWORK – Just something I have been thinking about, please read.

I wanted to remind everyone that students are required to write their homework down in their planner. We give time to do this at the end of each class as well as at the end of each day. We have always listed all the homework on our homework page but now that we are doing a special detailed way I wanted to make sure that you all understand that the students are required to write their homework in their planners. If this step is skipped and not taught or required in school, students will have a very challenging time in 6th & 7th… grades when the pace is faster. I want to thank you in advance for supporting the teachers and students by making sure your child has written down the homework each day in their planners. I offer Check-in/Check-out every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday for 15 minutes after school. Students can stay and make sure the have all their homework written down and the correct materials as well. I also can check the planner to make sure they have the homework all written down. Thanks!


Grade 5 Advent Service Project


We will be donating to the non-profit organization, Carry the Future, which helps refugees around the world. They are currently in need of Bundles of Joy (contents listed below), to pack in the baby beds they distribute in Greece to refugee mothers. All items must be in new condition. We were hoping to collect 15 Bundles of Joy between the two fifth grade classes.


Bundles of Joy Packing List:

Student numbers 1-14 will bring in:

2 3-6 month onesies

1 3-6 month footed sleeper

Student numbers 15-30 will bring in:

1 infant hat

1 VERY small toy

3 washcloths

1 receiving blanket


We will assemble the Bundles of Joy and have the students write personal notes to the families during the last week of school before Christmas vacation.



11/30 5A Leading the Advent Wreath Blessing Prayer Service – 8:30am School Hall


The following is a curriculum update for the week of 12/3 – 12/7:




Chapter 4, Dividing By Two – Digit Divisors

11/30 Ch. 4 Lesson 4: Adjust Quotients

12/3   Ch. 4 Lesson 5: Divide Greater Numbers

12/4   Ch. 4 Lesson 6: Problem Solving: Solve a Simpler Problem

12/5   Ch. 4 Practice, Review, and Reflect

12/6   Ch. 4 Test Part 1

12/7   Ch. 4 Test Part 2



Mr. Schreck

Chapter 5, Add and Subtract Decimals

Friday: Lesson 5, Add Decimals Using Models

Monday: Lesson 6, Add Decimals

Tuesday: Lesson 7, Addition Properties

Wednesday: Lesson 10, Subtract Decimals

Thursday: Review adding & Subtracting Decimals

Friday: Ch. 5 Test, Add & Subtract Decimals



Mrs. H

Next week, the fifth graders will be starting their final fifth grade unit: Measurement.  The students will be working with both the U.S Customary and Metric Systems of Measurement.  The students will convert units of length, capacity, and weight/mass.  They will also work with finding items that match different units.  For example, the distance from HRS to West Seattle High School is approximately a kilometer or the mass of a gram is about 1 paperclip.  This unit will be completed this unit before Christmas break.  In January, the students will receive volume 1 of the sixth grade book.



Tomorrow 11/30 we will be leading the Advent Wreathe Blessing Prayer Service. Next week we will continue on with Chapter 14. Students will receive the study guide next week in class. We will be completing it in class as well!



Students are using hand lenses to practice making detailed observations. In preparation to use microscopes, students will learn the functions of parts of a microscope, and how to adjust light and focus the object being studied.


Social Studies 5

This week the Fifth graders are working on Chapter 6, Early English Settlements. As we learn about Roanoke, Jamestown and Plymouth students will be focusing on the following question.

Essential Question: What challenges faced the first English colonies?

Overview and Objectives

Students learn about three early English settlements in North America. In the Preview, students write a few paragraphs describing the challenges they might face in attending school in another country. In a Visual Discovery activity, students analyze images of Roanoke, Jamestown, and Plymouth to create act-it-outs that show why settlers came, the hardships they endured, and the reasons why each settlement succeeded or failed. Finally, in a Processing activity, students create a real estate advertisement for either the Jamestown or the Plymouth settlement.
Social Studies
• Compare and contrast the three English settlements of Roanoke, Jamestown, and Plymouth.
• Locate American Indian and English settlements on a map of colonial southern New England.

Language Arts
• Write a description of challenges in attending school in another country.(writing)
• Perform an act-it-out to present the hardships faced in three settlements. (speaking)

Looking ahead the test for this Chapter will be on 12/14. A study guide will be on Google classroom one week prior to the test.


Language Arts

I hope it was a restful and peaceful break! We have spent this week reviewing and preparing for our Lesson 7 Spelling Quiz tomorrow, November 30th. Students completed a practice spelling quiz today which should be a good indicator of what they need to study tonight to be fully prepared for tomorrow’s real quiz. Next week, there will be no Spelling Quiz. Instead, we will be focusing on the grammar aspects of Lesson 7.



The 5th graders are reading an informational text selection about Tree Kangaroos in Papua New Guinea! Our focus this week is identifying and understanding cause and effect relationships. Our Selection test covering Vocabulary and Comprehension will be on Tues. ThinkCentral is a great site for review. Also, we are FINALLY finishing Hatchet by Gary Paulsen! It’s been a slow go at only a couple chapters a week, but the students have really enjoyed it. Some are eager to go on and read more Gary Paulsen’s that for a gift idea.



Students should complete 60 minutes of typing practice for the week.  Each grading week starts on Thursday and ends the following Wednesday. Next week students will take their first timed typing test. Students will be graded on their accuracy typing for one minute using the home row keys while their hands are covered. Speed will not be graded at this time. During Conference / Thanksgiving there will be no typing grade required. There will, however, be an extra credit opportunity that week. Students can earn up to 120 points back towards their grade for completing up to 2 hours of typing time (1 point per minute). This will give kids a chance to improve their grade before the trimester ends.


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