March 17, 2016


March 17, 2016


Dear Fifth Grade Parents,


Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!! The fifth graders did a wonderful job leading the Mass this morning. Tomorrow we do not have school because of the teacher in-service. I hope you enjoy your extra time with your children!



Good Friday: March 25th – Noon Dismissal

Spring Break: March 28th – April 1st

Camp Forms Due – April 4th



3/21 –Check My Progress

3/22 – Quiz Lessons 1-3

3/23 – Ch. 6 L. 5 Least Common Multiple

3/24 – Ch. 6 L. 6 Compare Fractions

3/25 – Ch. 6 Hands On – Use Models to Write Fractions as Decimals



Next week is Holy Week. We will be learning about the Stations of the Cross. Students will be acting out the Stations of the Cross in small groups.


On Holy Thursday, we will have prayer service in the church around 8:30am. At that time we will be bringing over cans of food that 5A collected and Uganda money. 5A & 5B will also be doing some campus clean-up next week. We will be picking up garbage from the playground and cleaning the hallways of the school.


On Holy Thursday we will also have a Faith Family class (2:10pm) where we will have the last supper and the washing of the feet.


Social Studies

The Fifth Graders are working on Chapter 10, Growing Tensions between the Colonies and Great Britain. Students are using the Metaphor of Mother (Britain) and Child (Colonies) to understand the six major events that led up to the Revolutionary War. The test for this Chapter will be on April 8th.



Students continue to experiment with vehicles. They will predict and investigate how variations in rubber band energy affect the distance their vehicle travels. They will discuss the relationship between the number of turns of the rubber band around the axle and the distance their axel-driven vehicles travel.


Language Arts

This week in language arts we took a break from the Journey’s curriculum to complete several activities related to Number the Stars, the book students are reading in Reading class. Students completed a character analysis, wrote a letter nominating the main character for an award, and will begin brainstorming to write their own epilogue for the story next week





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