June 4, 2010

June 4, 2010

Dear Fifth Grade Parents,

This is the last Boomerang of the Year! Next week and the following will be very busy here in the fifth grade.
Friday: June 11th – 5th Graders are Bowling for the Magazine Sale Prize!
Monday: June 14th-Class Auction-You can begin to send items under $5.00 in on Monday, June7th!
June 14th: Class will have Pizza Lunch together!!!!
June 15th ½ Day
June 16th Dismissal after Mass in the morning-Around 10:am

Monday: Lesson 92, Dividing by Two-Digit Numbers
Tuesday” Lesson 93,Comparative Bar Graphs
Wednesday: Lesson 94, Usng Estimation When Dividing by Two-Digit Numbers
Friday: Lesson 95, Reciprocals

5th Graders will be taking end of the year Reading assessments next week. These do not require any special preparation or studying at home.

Language Arts
The students are so excited to continue working on their comic books using Comic Life. We are integrating so many technology skills along with all of the writing skills that it is quite challenging. Students need to have all illustrations completed and brought to class by Monday. These may be drawn or digital images saved to a camera memory card or a flash drive. We’ll work for the remainder of the school year on completing these comic books. It is very important that the students bring flash drives to use when saving their comic books. There is no spelling list or assignment this week.

Students will learn how oxygen gets to the body cells from your lungs. They will discover how cells use oxygen to release energy from food. Students will also study the excretory system to learn how your cells produce and get rid of wastes. In Family Life, students will learn take a quiz on Chapter 5 & 6 next Tues. (6/8).

Social Studies
Next week we will have the Chapter 15 test on Wednesday. The students are very busy learning about the Bill of Rights and creating “Tableaux’s” (silent skits) to present about the amendments to the constitution.

Have a great week!

Ms. Semandiris