February 13, 2020

Dear Fifth Grade Parents,


I hope you have a wonderful Mid-Winter Break! Please remember to sign up for the Bingo Blast hosted by the teachers!




It’s back!! Mark your calendars for Friday, Feb. 21, 2020 from 6:00-8:00 pm. It’s your chance to drop off your kids for a night of fun while you enjoy a break. Kids enjoy pizza, snacks, prizes, music and, of course, lots of BINGO!! The sign-up link Sign up here is live via the efc.


Holy Rosary students look forward to this event all year. “Bingo with the Teachers” has been the highest grossing auction item for the past 10 years!!!


Students in grades K-4 will gather in the gym for Bingo Bash. Tickets are $30.00, all-inclusive. BILLED THROUGH FACTS. 

 Students in grades 5-8 will gather in the school hall for Bingo Blast. Tickets are also $30.00, all-inclusive. BILLED THROUGH FACTS. 


Both events occur simultaneously from 6:00 pm-8:00 pm so you can sign up all your HRS children and enjoy some time to yourself J  *However, please be sure you or a designated adult signs your child in and out of the event!! We encourage carpooling, due to the large number of attendees. THANK YOU for your help on this matter.


Sign up all your children at once using this link from the efc: Sign up here(no paper sign-ups this year). 


Also, we WILL NOT BE ABLE TO TAKE WALK-UP REGISTRATION. In fact, Bingo Bash/Blast registration will CLOSE on Saturday, February 15th in order for staff to have an accurate count in so we can prepare food, prizes, etc. THANK YOU!!



2/14 – Noon Dismissal – Valentines Party 11:15am – 11:45am. (If students choose to make Valentines, please make them for the entire Homeroom.) Also it is Dress in Valentines colors: White, Red and Pink.

2/17 & 2/18 – No School



This week we started Chapter 16, Gathered as One. In this chapter we will learn that the Mass is central to Catholic life. We will learn how we are united in Mass. The study guide was passed out in class today and students worked on it for 15 minutes.


Second Step – Empathy Training

  • Last week we learned Lesson 7, Disagreeing Respectfully. At the end of this lesson, students will be able to distinguish between respectful and disrespectful ways to disagree. They will be able to communicate their own perspectives and demonstrate skills for disagreeing respectfully.
  • Next week we will be doing Lesson 8, Responding with Compassion. Compassion is saying kind words of doing something to show you care about how another person feels. Having empathy helps you show compassion.




2/14 – Ch. 6 Chapter Review

2/19 – Ch. 6 Pre-Test

2/20 – Chapter 6 Test

2/21 – Chapter 6 Test (2-days)



Mr. Schreck

Friday: Chapter 7 Review/ALEKS

Wednesday: Chapter 7 Review

Thursday: Chapter 7 Test

Chapter 8, Fractions & Decimals

Friday: Lesson 1, Fractions & Division



Mrs. H

Next week is a short week, and we will complete our second chapter where we have been working with fractions, decimals, and percents.  We will take the chapter test after two days of review.  Enjoy the long weekend!


Social Studies

We have moved on to Chapter 8, Facing Slavery. We will learn about the West African perspective and experience of facing slavery during the colonial period. Students are completing the Interactive Notebook Reading Notes in class. They are also receiving the correct answers from me and are given time to make changes to their notes. We have also divided into small groups to face three dilemmas the West Africans face. The test will be on 2/25. The study guide will be given out on 2/13.



Students will learn about natural cycles in an ecosystem. They will create diagrams to show how carbon dioxide, oxygen, nitrogen and water cycle through an ecosystem.



As we wind up our novel, Number the Stars, we will be preparing for an end of the book quiz. Due to the short week ahead, we will hold off on the quiz until Tues. 2/25. Students can use past assignments to prepare for the test, as well as an online site, Sparknotes.com. This is a terrific site for reviewing plot, characters and theme. Additionally, we will be reviewing in class. Important reminder: Students are encouraged to make corrections on assignments for additional credit. The Scholastic News quizzes were especially challenging this week. I encourage the students to re-read informational text to fully understand the details.



Spelling Quiz for Lesson 10 was today! Our next Spelling Quiz, Lesson 11, not including challenge words, will be in two weeks on Friday February 28th. Words can be found on my website: https://6b.holyrosaryws.org/5th-la/. Next week, we will be dedicating our short week to our autobiography essay, which will be due February 27th. Students will have had two weeks in class to plan, outline, rough draft, and edit with peers and Ms. Stroud. If students do not feel like their paper is ready to go by the end of next week, I will be suggesting they work on it prior to turning it in, digitally, on February 27th.

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