December 11, 2014

December 11, 2014

Dear Fifth Grade Parents,

Please donate anything you can to our Adopt a Family cause. We need monetary donations preferably by tomorrow 12/12. We also need one more volunteer to shop this weekend! (Please email me at

12/12 – Report Card/ITBS scores go home (return envelope signed)

12/18 – 8:30am Outreach Day – Prayer Service in Church

12/19 – Noon Dismissal for Christmas Break


This week we prepared our art work for the January main hall bulletin board. The students learned about Epiphany and we are writing poems to go with the art work. Next week we will be reading from the Bible all the different Gospel stories about the birth of Christ.


12/15 Ch. 4, L. 3, Divide by a Two-Digit Divisor

12/16 Check My Progress Quiz Lessons 1-3

12/17 Ch. 4, L. 4 Adjust Quotients

12/18 Ch. 4, L. 5 Divide Greater Numbers

Social Studies

We will begin Chapter 7, Comparing the Colonies next week. In this lesson we will be comparing the New England Colonies, Middle Colonies and the Southern Colonies. We will also be memorizing the 13 Colonies on the map. This Chapter will begin next week and we will continue it after the Christmas break.


Next week for Reading, 5th graders are asked to bring in favorite Christmas picture books. (no family heirlooms, PLEASE!) We will be enjoying some fun reading and discussing some important story elements along the way. No need to purchase new books for this, just have your 5th grader dig through the old piles and pick 2-3 bring on Monday to share during the week. Thanks!

Language Arts

This week in Language Arts students turned in their compare and contrast essays. In writing students moved on to learn about cause and effect essays and have started brainstorming different topics and examples they can use for their own essay. Students will begin writing a rough draft of this essay tomorrow. In grammar students learned about conjunctions, focusing specifically on coordinating and subordinating conjunctions.

Social Studies

Students will study the cell structure of plants and animals. Students looked at onion cells under the microscope. Students will also identify basic parts (organelles) of the cells and their function.