November 4, 2010

November 4, 2010

Tomorrow 5A has the prayer service. It is at 8:30am in the school hall, we hope to see you there!

November 5th-5A Prayer Service
November 11th- No School for Veteran’s Day

Monday 11/8: Lesson 32, Angels and Polygons
Tuesday 11/9: Lesson 33, Rounding Numbers Using a Number Line
Wednesday 11/10: Lesson 34, Division with Zeros in the Quotient

Students have completed their study guide for Chapter 14. We corrected it in class. I would like them to hold on to it and file it in their filer until the test. Today the students received the “My Baptism Story”. They will need to write a rough draft in their 5-sub and then write the final draft on the paper I handed out in class. Remember to read the rubric!

Please bring in 20-30 cut out pictures from magazines that relate in some way to Baptism. We have talked about he signs and symbols of Baptism in class. They should have some ideas. These pictures and the final draft of the “My Baptism Story” is due on Monday. Also, we will be making a collage on Monday in class so extra magazines would be very helpful if you can spare them!

Social Studies
The fifth graders will be moving on to Chapter 5, Routes of Exploration to the New World. In this chapter students will learn about 8 very important European Explorers. Students will discover why these explorers came to the New World and how their arrival affected native Peoples. Looking ahead, the test for this Chapter will be on 11/16.

5th Graders will be diving (please excuse the pun,) back into our Scott Foresman text next week with the story, The Diver and the Dolphins. This is a very high-interest, true adventure story. Along with vocabulary study, students will be practicing the Target Skills of describing steps in a process, and previewing and predicting. This story presents a good opportunity to read informational text and review cause and effect relationships.

Book Report reminder: Students should be finished reading their books by Monday, Nov. 9th. Class time and homework this week have been devoted to the book report project. After this week, there will be no more class time set aside for project work. Additional reading homework will be kept light next week as students work at home to complete their projects, which are due on Thurs. Nov. 18th.

Language Arts
Students learn about the four different types of sentences: declarative, interrogative, imperative and exclamatory. We practice writing using all four types. We also learn to distinguish between sentence fragments, complete sentences and run-ons. Our spelling assignment is due on Monday; our test will also be on Monday.

Students will wrap up their study of astronomy with a test on Lesson 2 & 3 tomorrow. Students begin a unit on Life Science next week. In this unit, students will learn the characteristics of living things and how animals and plants are classified. Students will also explore adaptations and discover adaptations that allow plants and animals to live in water and on land. Finally, students will discover what makes up an ecosystem and describe how energy moves through an ecosystem.

Have a great week!

Ms. Semandiris