November 29, 2012

November 28, 2012

Dear Fifth Grade Parents,

This year for the Christmas Program, Ms. Mudge is asking the students
to wear a specific costume. Their class is singing a “Santa” song for
the second number, and are invited to wear any choice of the
following.  Parents can come up with something they already may have
at home – it is not necessary to purchase something especially for the
program. The following are some ideas.  Please contact Ms. Mudge with
any questions:

Elf costume (can be all green with an elf hat)
Reindeer costume (can be all brown with reindeer antlers)
Red & green nice outfit, with or without a Santa or other winter hat
(Please note: no jeans; hat will only be worn during the second song!)


12/3 Lesson 42, Short Division/Divisibility by 3,6,9.

12/4 Lesson 43, Writing Quotients as Mixed Numbers/Adding and Subtracting Whole Numbers, Fractions, and Mixed Numbers.

12/5 Lesson 44, Measuring Lengths with a Ruler

12/6 Lesson 45, Classifying Quadrilaterals


We will be leading the Advent Wreath Blessing prayer service tomorrow Friday 11/30.  It begins at 8:30am and we hope you can be there! Next week we will begin Chapter 15, Sacraments of Healing.

We will be adopting a family for our 5th & 6th Service project for Christmas.  If you would be willing to shop for items (with the funds we collect) for one of the family members please email.  We will also be collecting donations for this project in December!!!

Social Studies

The fifth graders are currently working on Lesson 5, Routes of Exploration to the New World. In this lesson students will be learning about 8 European Explorers. Students will also be creating a large matrix in the classroom to graph specific details about each explorer.  The test for this lesson will be on 12/7.

Reading: This week we are trying out a new test preparation strategy; study groups. The students met in their Book Club groups to discuss their book using guiding questions. They took notes in their Reader’s Notebooks which they can use for today’s test.

Hopefully they will put this strategy in their “toolboxes” as one to use for future tests across the curriculum. We talked about how some strategies work better for some than others, but it’s good to try them out and use several different strategies in preparation for a test.


Students are practicing using their microscopes. Students will learn how to prepare a wet-mount slide. They will also learn to focus up and down over the surface of an object that has depth. Students will then use their skills to identify unknown specimens using a microscope.

LA – Please note that this is now the correct LA blurb for 5A. (I put the 6th grade blurb by accident…)

This week students have been busy studying and learning new grammar skills. Students will have a test on December 6th covering: common and proper nouns, singular and plural nouns, compound nouns, and actions verbs. Students will also be tested on capitalization of various proper nouns: places, locations, people and special things. A study guide will be handed out in class on November 29th .

Have a great week!

Ms. Semandiris