May 3, 2012

May 3, 2012

Dear Fifth Grade Parents,

Tomorrow, May 4, Mid-Trimester reports will be sent home to students earning a C+ or below in any subject area. Please check PowerSchool by double-clicking on the percent grade to see all the specific grades in the gradebook for each subject. This will help you understand if there are missing assignments, low test grades etc.

In today’s Boomerang envelope there is a “Reminder” letter for Camp Seymour.  There are important directions for the day of departure, medicine, sack lunch times dates etc.!!!  The Boomerang letter is short this week because we will be gone on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday!


May 7: Lesson 90, Reducing Fractions, Part 2

May 8: Lesson Test 17

Social Studies

The fifth graders are working on Ch. 12, The Declaration of Independence. The have completed the Interactive Notebooks in class. Now they are preparing short skits about each of the 5 excerpts of the Declaration of Independence that they have translated.  5B will present these on Friday and 5A on Monday. The test for this chapter is on Tuesday 5/8.


The 5th graders used LifeSavers to gain an understanding about genres in literature….ask your child about that! After tallying and recording the types of books students have been reading this year, the 5th graders’ challenge for the month of May is to select books from the least read genres on their wheel. Hopefully this stretch will ignite some new passions for different authors and genres. Happy Reading!

Have a great week!

Ms. Semandiris