May 16, 2019

Dear 5A Parents,

Tomorrow is the Talent Show–the theme is Disney so students may dress as their favorite Disney character.  Field Day permission slips went home yesterday (goldenrod paper).  Please complete both sides of the Field Day permission slip and return by Friday, 5/17 (tomorrow) or next Wednesday latest.  Field Day is next Friday!  Our class color will be LIGHT BLUE.  Students should remember to bring a water bottle.

Thank you to everyone who signed and returned the confirmation slip for reviewing PowerSchool.  All late grades have been entered up through yesterday–I’m grading them as they come in.  Please check again over the weekend and let me know if you have any questions or concerns regarding missing work.  Thank you so much for all your support and patience over the transition!

Family Life Books/permission slips.  Please return the Family Life book and permission slip by tomorrow (Friday, 5/17).  Mr. Schreck includes Family Life as part of science and will start classes on Monday, 5/20.  All students need a parent signature for Family Life.  Thank you!

In the Classroom:

L.A.:  From Ms. Stroud–I so enjoyed getting to know the students better during our time at 5th grade camp! We have jumped right back into writing and they are completing a reflection essay about camp. This will be due on May 23rd, next Thursday. Students will complete this mainly in class, but if they do not complete it by the end of next Tuesday’s class it will be homework. Our next Spelling Quiz will be Lesson 18 on the 31st.

Reading:  We have been using Reading class time this week for MAP testing. We will resume our Reading work next week.


Mrs. Smith:  Students have finished Subtracting Mixed Numbers with Renaming.  They caught on pretty quickly to this difficult concept.  This is the last lesson in Chapter 9.  On Monday, we will review the chapter, then begin the Chapter 9 test on Tuesday.   I hope you received the letter I sent home regarding maintaining math skills over the summer.  ALEKS will be available to students all summer and they will bring home their math books.  To be prepared for 6th grade math, students should work a little every day on lessons in the remainder of the book.  20-30 minutes a day will really help!

Mr. Schreck
Friday: No Math
Chapter 11, Measurement
Monday: Lesson 5, Convert Customary Units of Weight
Tuesday: Review Lessons 1,2, 5
Wednesday: Quiz, Lessons 1,2, 5
Thursday: Lesson 7, Customary Units of Capacity

Mrs. Heuer:  Next week we will complete our study of 2D figures with our ch. 9 area test.  Our final chapter will be working with 3D figures, finding the volume and surface area.  Make sure that the students bring in a calculator each day to help with the calculations.

Religion:  Students are learning about service and vocations in Chapter 19.   Fr. Oakland came to the classroom on Thursday and talked with the class about his vocation to the priesthood and Sr. Juanita will be coming in Friday.  Next Wednesday, students will have a test over Chapter 19.

Students are studying the properties of stars. They will also discover
what constellations and galaxies are. Students will take a quiz on the
sun and other stars next Tuesday, May 21st. They have completed a
study guide in class to help them prepare.
Family Life:
Students are beginning the Family Life Program. In Lesson 1
students learn the qualities of a healthy and holy family.

Social Studies:  Students are comparing arguments for and against Colonial independence in Chapter 11.  This week and next, students will do group research on an assigned Patriot or Loyalist and then they will do a live debate on the question of independence.  More to come.

**Next Thursday is the 6th Grade Wax Museum!  Come and see what it is all about!  9am – 2pm (Breaks during recess and lunch/Recess).**


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