May 21, 2015


May 21, 2015


Dear Fifth Grade Parents,


I hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend! The following is a curriculum update for the week of May 26- 29, 2015




May 22 – Field Day – 5th Neon Colors



We have begun Ch. 6 Doing Good. In this Chapter we will learn how to describe a loving action, identify the Great Commandment and the fur cardinal virtues, and we will describe ways of living the cardinal virtues.



5/26 Ch. 10 Multiply and Divide Fractions – Am I Ready?

5/27 Ch. 10 L. 1, Hands on Part of a Number

5/28 Ch. 10 L. 2, Estimate Products of Fractions

5/29 Ch. 10 L. 3 Hands on Model Fraction Multiplication



5th graders are doing some end of the year comprehension assessments this week and next. We are mixing in some fun oral reading activities in the form of plays and reader’s theater to offset the rather lengthy test sittings. There will not be the opportunity to make corrections on these particular assessments.



Students will use a technical drawing to build a vehicle that has a twisted rubber band attached to a propeller. Students will observe the motion of their vehicles and share how they got their vehicles to move. They will compare how their vehicles moved differently from the rubber band powered vehicles they previously built.


Family Life: In lesson 3, students will examine messages communicated by the media. They will learn the importance of good communication and practice good listening skills.


Language Arts

This week in spelling students learned about stressed and unstressed syllables. In grammar students focused on commonly confused verbs and using them correctly. Students revised the rough drafts of their response to literature and worked on a final draft this week. Students ended the week learning about how to write a persuasive argument.


Social Studies

The fifth Graders are beginning Chapter 13, The Revolutionary War. In this lesson students will be learning about the British Army vs. the Continental Army. We will look at the various strategies the Continental Army used to win the war.

States Test on June 5th!!!!







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