May 28, 2015

May 28, 2015


Dear Fifth Grade Parents,


Next Friday will be the last day to turn in any missing or late work for T3 report cards. Please remember to check Powerschool to see your child’s grades!



6/1 Ch. 10 L. 1-4 Check My Progress

6/2 Ch. 10 L. 5 Hands On /Multiply Fractions

6/3 Ch. 10 L. 6 Multiply Fractions

6/4 Ch. 10 L. 7 Multiply Mixed Numbers

6/5 Ch. 10 Multiplication as scaling



Social Studies
The fifth graders are currently working on Ch. 13 The Revolutionary War. We will be done with the Interactive Notebook by Friday 5/29. Students should be practicing the online test. This test will be next Friday June 5th.



Students will modify their propeller driven vehicles to reduce a hypothetical cost. They will then evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of their vehicle as well as discuss trade-offs and performance of their modified vehicles.

Family Life: Students will recognize the changes that occur during puberty. They will learn the importance of dealing with the stress of maturing. Students will also explore why human life is sacred and the need to protect human life. Students will take a short quiz on lessons 4 & 5 Friday June 5th.



5th graders continue with assessments and some work with Figurative Language. This week’s focus was identifying and creating Hyperboles; using exaggeration to make a point. Students are being encouraged to keep a close eye on their PowerSchool site in order to make sure their assignments are up to date. As they move on to 6th grade, this self-monitoring piece will become increasingly important.



Language Arts

This week students looked at spelling words using the prefixes in-, un-, dis-, and mis-. Students worked on using superlative and comparative adjectives to make comparisons in grammar. Students will not have a spelling or a grammar quiz this week as we are reviewing for their final tests next week. These will review what students have learned in grammar and spelling.

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