may 23, 2007

May 23, 2007

Dear Fifth Grade Parents,

We had a very busy week! Next week we do not have school on Monday. Have a wonderful Memorial Weekend.

Monday – Test 21
Tuesday – MathParty
Wednesday – Investigation
Thursday – Lesson 111, Multiplying Decimal Numbers by 10, by 100, by 1000.
Friday – Lesson 112, Finding the least Common Multiple of Two Numbers

Mr. Schreck will be teaching the boys and I will be teaching the girls chapters 5 & 6 in the family life text during religion time next week.

Next week on Tuesday, fifth graders will take a short quiz on the story Missing Links from our reading textbook. The quiz will consist of comprehension and vocabulary questions. During class on Tuesday, before the test, students will have 20 minutes to study. We read this story and talked about the vocabulary this week, so there shouldn’t be a need for tons of studying outside of class. Thursday and Friday of next week students will take an end of the year test. This is a comprehension test of passages read silently and can’t be studied for ahead of time. This will be factored into their reading grade along with their other assignments and assessments.

Language Arts
This week, we worked on setting and characters in our fantasy stories. Students did some prewriting and drafting. Final drafts for the story are due on Thursday, June 7th. Students have also begun studying prepositional phrases, which is our last grammar unit. Students will have a short grammar test on Friday, June 8th, which will cover the basic parts of speech the students have learned this year: nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, conjunctions, and prepositions.

Social Studies
The fifth graders will be learning about Chapter 14, The Constitution next week. Students were assigned the vocabulary (14.1) on Wednesday to be due on Monday.
Please check my web site for specific assignments or your child’s student assignment notebook.

Students will be learning about the respiratory system. They will explore their individual lung volume blowing and measuring soap bubbles. They will also explore how the body takes in oxygen through the lungs.

Have a great Weekend!

Ms. Semandiris