May 11, 2017



May 11, 2017


Dear Fifth Grade Parents,


We had a wonderful time at Camp Seymour! The students did very well in their classes and learned a great deal about the environment.


Fifth Grade will be hosting coffee and donuts after the 8:30 and 10:30 Masses Sunday, May 21st. We welcome you and your fifth grader to help host after either of the Masses-Thank you!




May 12 – Talent Show – Super Hero Theme Dress





Next week we will be doing a lesson on the Catholic Social Teaching. Students will be learning about each of them and them in class.



5/15 – Ch. 10 L. 2, Estimate Products of Fractions

5/16 – Ch. 10 L. 3, Hands On: Model Fraction Multiplication

5/17 – Ch. 10 . L,.4, Multiply Whole Numbers and Fractions

5/18 – Ch. 10, L. 5, Hands On: Use Models to Multiply Fractions

5/19 – Ch. 10, L. 6, Multiply Fractions


Social Studies 5th

The fifth graders will begin Ch. 12 The Declaration of Independence next week. We will be taking a closer look at this historical document. Students will have a chance to “translate” the Declaration of Independence into modern English.



Students will use a technical drawing to build a vehicle that has a twisted rubber band attached to a propeller. Students will observe the motion of their vehicles and share how they got their vehicles to move. They will compare how their vehicles moved differently from the rubber band powered vehicles they previously built.


Family Life:

Students are beginning the Family Life Program. In Lesson 1 students learn the qualities of a healthy and holy family.


Language Arts

This week in language arts the focus for spelling was word pairs with the suffix –ion. In grammar, students reviewed different types of contractions, focusing on negative and pronoun contractions. We spent writing time this week reviewing comma usage, specifically with different types of introductory phrases. Students will begin writing a short informative piece next week.



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