April 27, 2017


April 27, 2017


Dear Fifth Grade Parents,


  • Please review the Family Life books included in today’s Boomerang envelope and return and sign permission slip. Thanks!
  • Please don’t forget to review the Camp Reminder Letter!



We are working on Ch. 9 New Life. Students will be completing the study Guide for this lesson in class. We will go over it on Monday 5/1 so it needs to be completed by then. The test for this Chapter is on 5/10.



4/28 – Chapter Review

5/1 – Review Test

5/2 – Mass – Correct Pre-test

Week after Camp:

CH. 10 Multiply and Divide Fractions

5/8 – Ch. 10, L. 1, Hands On: Part of a Number

5/9 – CH. 9 Test!!!

5/10– Ch. 10, L. 2 Estimate Products of Fractions

5/11 – Ch. 10 L. 3 Hands On: Model Fraction Multiplications

5/12 – No Math Talent Show


5/15 – Check My Progress Quiz Ch. 10 Lessons 1-4



Students continue to experiment with vehicles. They will predict and investigate how variations in rubber band energy affect the distance their vehicle travels. They will discuss the relationship between the number of turns of the rubber band around the axle and the distance their axel-driven vehicles travel.



Language Arts

This week in language arts the focus for spelling was words with prefixes. Students learned about making comparisons using comparative and superlative adjectives and adverbs in grammar. In writing, students began a persuasive writing unit focusing on writing a strong thesis statement and using different sentence starters. There will be no spelling next week.

Social Studies

We have begun Chapter 11, To Declare Independence or Not. In this Chapter we will be having a debate between the Patriots and Loyalist. Students will be working in groups to plan this event! Students will also be completing the interactive notebook notes for homework. The debate will be on May 11th. The test will be on May 12th.





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