May 17, 2018


May 17, 2018


Dear Fifth Grade Parents,


May is such a busy month! I encourage you to read the EFC very carefully to make sure you are informed about all the school events. I have put a few in the reminder section of my letter as well. I would also like to thank you all again for the wonderful cards, treats and gifts during “Teacher Appreciation Week”!



5/18 – Talent Show (Act I 9:30am) & (Act II 1:25pm) Beach Day Attire!

5/18 – Family Life Books and Permission Slip due!

5/24 – 6th Grade Wax Museum – Come and see what it is all about! 9am – 2pm (Breaks during recess and lunch/Recess)

5/25 – Field Day Noon Dismissal (5A wear the colors pink and/or white!)

5/31 – (Mass @ 8:30am) Corpus Christi with a liturgical parade outside – Grade 5


Curriculum Update for the week of May 21 – 25, 2018:



We are currently working on Chapter 19, The Call to Serve. In this chapter we are learning about vocations, the Sacraments of Marriage and Holy Orders as well as Religious Life and lay people. We will have a quiz on this information on Wednesday 5/23. We will be working on problem solving in Steps to Respect next week!




Monday – Ch. 10 Lesson 10, Divide Whole Numbers by Unit Fractions

Tuesday – Ch. 10 Lesson 11, Divide Whole Numbers by Unit Fractions

Wednesday – Ch. 10 Lesson 12, Problem Solving Investigation: Draw a Diagram

Friday – No Math (Field Day)




Chapter 11, Measurement

Monday: Review Lessons 1,2, 3 & 5

Tuesday: Quiz, Lessons 1,2, 3 & 5

Wednesday: Lesson 7, Convert Customary Units of Capacity

Thursday: Lesson 8, Using Metric Rulers



Mrs. H:

Next week, we will complete our unit on 2D geometry.  The students will have learned, understood, and applied area formulas for parallelograms (including squares, rectangles, and rhombi), triangles, and trapezoids.  We will also work finding the area of these figures when graphed on a coordinate plane.  The area test will be the Thursday before field day after two full days of review.


Social Studies

Today we took the Chapter 12, The Declaration of Independence test. Next week we will be moving on to Ch. 13 Revolutionary War.


Students will be able to:

§  Compare and contrast the American and British forces at the beginning of the Revolutionary War.

§  Explain the key factors that allowed the American colonies to defeat Britain in the Revolutionary War.

List the major provisions of the Treaty of Paris.

June 7th – States and Capitals Test!!!



Students will start a unit on motion and design. They will use engineering skills to focus on the use of drawings in the design process. Students will draw vehicles they build from K’Nex building pieces. In small groups they will use their visual and spatial perception skills to build a vehicle pictured in a technical drawing.

Family Life:

Students are beginning the Family Life Program. In Lesson 1 students learn the qualities of a healthy and holy family.



5th graders will be jumping back into Journeys next week to enjoy an informational selection about cougars. We continue to begin each class session with a short article and response activity to strengthen comprehension and increase reading stamina. The students have also been reading and paraphrasing short Bible passages while practicing their cursive at the same time. We will be talking about the importance of finishing strong and working hard right to the end!


Language Arts

This week 5th graders continued wrapping up the lessons in their Reader’s Notebook consumable book by focusing on lesson 25. The spelling words in this lesson looked at the spelling difference in words when -ion is added to the end (i.e. suspense —> suspension). Students were also quizzed on their comma and verb use knowledge and were encouraged to share some of their journal writing we completed this week. Have a great weekend!

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