February 13, 2014

February 13, 2014

Dear Fifth Grade Parents,

Happy Valentine’s Day!!! Tomorrow we will have a Valentine’s Party at 11:15am. We will have pizza for the kids to eat.  Students can bring in Valentine’s to pass out to their homeroom class. Please make one for everyone in the class if you decide to bring them.)


Sign up for the Bingo Blast! A flyer went home this week!

2/14 – Pink, White, Red, Day!!

2/14 – Noon Dismissal

2/17 – 2/18 – No School


2/14 – Check My Progress

2/19 – Multiply Decimals by Powers of Ten

2/20 – Problem Solving Investigation

2/21 – Multiplication Properties


We have begun Chapter 16, Liturgy of the Word. We are currently learning about the Dead Sea Scrolls. Students will be creating their own scroll using a short passage from the Old Testament. A rubric was passed out for this in class today.

Social Studies

The Fifth Graders are working on Chapter 7 Comparing the Colonies. They have been divided into 6 groups and have been assigned a specific colony to advertise on a Billboard.  A handout explaining the small group activity has been handed out to all students. Students will also be responsible to complete the Interactive Notebook by Tuesday 2/11 and Thursday 2/13. Students should be studying the Interactive Notebook pages 30-31, online test as well as rereading the chapter to prepare for the test on Thursday 2/20.


Students will learn how scientists classify plants. They will be able to explain the differences between mosses, ferns, conifers and flowering plants. Students will take a quiz on Lessons 3 & 4 Friday, Feb. 28th.


Students concluded our mini-unit of study on quotations, capitalization and punctuation. This week and next, students will be examining Antonyms, Synonyms and Homonyms.

The 5th grade students will have a spelling test next week on February 11th. Please note there will not be a spelling test on February 18th.


5th Graders continue to read and discuss the events of Number the Stars. Please encourage your child to keep up in the reading so that s/he can get the most out of our class discussions.