December 13,2007

Dear Fifth Grade Parents,

This will be the last Boomerang of the year 2007! Next Tuesday we will have our class auction. Everyone is donating 1 or 2 items, under $5.00 for the auction. We had a long discussion about the kinds of items that are popular. Ask you child, if you have any questions about what to donate.

Our December service project is on Monday, December 13th! We will begin making the polar fleece pillows at 12:15 and hopefully finish by 2:45. We now have 10 parent volunteers coming on Monday. If you said you could help on the pink sheet then I have included you in the number. I would like to give a HUGE thanks to Mrs. Hubbard and Mrs. Tuthill for preparing the fleece and coming up with the pattern! I spoke with Mr. Barredo who is the contact for the Holy Rosary Women’s shelter and he said that they would gladly accept 20 pillows for the Christmas season. We are making a total of 100 pillows so the others we can donate to the homeless people who attend the soup kitchen on 6th and Columbia. (This is a place where I go to help feed the homeless.) I hope that sounds good to everyone!

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and New Year! I will miss seeing the kids everyday. I hope all your holiday dreams come true!

Here is a brief curriculum update:

Tomorrow students will be presenting their skits of the “Birth of Christ.” Next week we will doing our service project on Monday.
The week we come back from the break we will learn about Epiphany
Social Studies
Tomorrow is the 50 states review test. 5A will also begin the “Act it Out” interviews about Roanoke, Jamestown and Virginia. Students have been working on this information in class. For 5A, the answers to the “Act it Out” questions are due on Friday. Next week 5B will have their presentations for the “Act it Outs” about Roanoke, Jamestown and Virginia. The answers to the “Act it Out” questions are due on 6/18. The interactive notebook pages 24-26 are due on 6/18 for 5B.

5th graders are wrapping up Hatchet this week with some final assessment pieces. Some have already checked out other books by Gary Paulsen! We will get back into the Scott Foresman Reading Book on Monday and Tuesday, and continue with some shorter stories in S.F. after Christmas.

Students will begin a unit on Life Science. In this unit, students will learn the characteristics of living things and how animals and plants are classified. Students will explore adaptations and discover adaptations that allow plants and animals to live on water and land. Finally, students will discover what makes up an ecosystem and describe how energy moves through an ecosystem.

Language Arts: Students take a test on sentences tomorrow, Friday, December 14. They have been given a study guide to use. It is also posted on my web page, along with a few web sites, which give students practice in identifying subjects, predicates and sentence types. Students will take their spelling test on Monday. Spelling homework is also due on Monday.

Have a great week!

Ms. Semandiris

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!