October 18, 2018

October 18, 2018


Dear Fifth Grade Parents,


Every student in K-10 (Catholic School) classes (11 &12 are optional) will be taught two abuse prevention lessons a year. The Office for Catholic Schools has decided that these lessons will be taught in October and April. I have included the link for the “Opt Out Form” if you do not wish your child to attend this lesson. Please print it and return it prior to 10/23/18 We will be doing the first lesson on 10/23/18.


Please read the message below from Mr. Barker:

To log in with google accounts from home, students need to enter the entire address – #####@holyrosaryws.org. This is different from logging in at school with Chromebooks, where they don’t need to include @holyrosaryws.org. Sorry for the confusion this has caused for some. Mr. Barker.




10/26 – Mid-Trimester Reports will be sent home.



The following is a curriculum update for the week of October 22 – 26, 2018.



We are continuing to work on Chapter 2. Students will receive the study guide for this lesson on 10/19. We will have the test for Chapter 2 on 10/26.


STR: We finished the lesson on Cyber-Bullying. Students have been assigned a worksheet to be completed with an adult by next Wednesday 10/24. Next week we will be starting the Second Step Curriculum. Students have received the Family Letter in the Boomerang today. Lesson 1 is on Empathy and Respect.




Chapter 3, Divide By a One -Digit Divisor

10/22 – Ch. 3 Lesson 2, Hands on Division Models

10/23 – Ch. 3, Lesson 3, Two- Digit Dividends

10/24 – Ch. 3, Lesson 4, Division Patterns

10/25 – Check Your Progress (Lesson 1-4)

10/26 – Ch. 3, Lesson 5, Estimate Quotients



Mr. Schreck

Chapter 3, Divide by a One-Digit Divisor

Friday: Lesson 8, Divide Three & Four Digit Dividends

Monday: Lesson 8, part II

Tuesday: Lesson 9, Place the First Digit

Wednesday: Lesson 10, Quotients with Zero

Thursday: Lesson 12, Interpret the remainder



We have completed our second unit.  The students did corrections on their unit 2 test, and we brainstormed ways to feel prepared for our unit tests.  In Unit 3, we will be adding and subtracting fractions and mixed numbers.  We will work with like and unlike fractions.  The students will also be applying these skills to story problems.  If a student ever wants additional practice of 5th grade skills, they can be working on their ALEKS pie charts at home.  Sometimes students are able to complete a grade level and move into the next!



Students will take a quiz from their textbook on Lesson 1 (Is it Living?) next Tuesday. They have completed a study guide to help them prepare. Next, students begin lesson 2, How are Living Things Classified? Students will discover how scientists all classify living things into five main groups called kingdoms: plant, animal, fungus, protist and moneran.



Social Studies

Today students took the Chapter 4 test. Next, we are moving on to Chapter 5, Routes of Exploration to the New World.


Description: In a Social Studies Skill Builder, students use an illustrated classroom matrix to organize information about eight European explorers and then play a game in which they answer questions about the explorers. Students also work in pairs to complete the reading notes in class.


Essential Question: How did exploration of the Americas lead to settlement?



Language Arts

We have spent the week reviewing our narratives essays, looking over the rubric, and have now begun typing! We will reserve a few days in class to complete the essay by next Friday. We have our Lesson 4 + challenge words spelling quiz October 18. Next week, we will have Lesson 5 Spelling Quiz (without challenge words) on October 26. The following Friday will not have a spelling quiz.



Newsela is a wonderful current events site for students. It focuses on both current events and high interest articles, providing practice using the skills needed to understand informational text. Your child should be able to access two assigned articles if they are successfully registered. If your child is experiencing difficulty accessing the assigned articles, try these tips.


1.Type this Class Link into your browser:

(For 5Anewsela.com/quickjoin/#/HWFG5F

(For 5B) newsela.com/quickjoin/#/CS43TA

2 .Click I have a Newsela Account.

  1. Click Sign in with Google. Make sure you are logged into your Google account.



Students are expected to complete 60 minutes of typing practice each week on the Typing.com website.  The students weekly grade will run Thursday through the following Wednesday.  Students have pasted their login information into their planner and should refer to it if they forget how to log in. Some students chose to change their password and will be responsible for writing that down in their planner for reference.  Games on the website do not count for typing time and students should stick to the lessons for credit.  Each student was provided a keyboard cover to use at home and school to make sure they are practicing typing using the home row keys without looking.  It’s important that students do not practice without their cover because there will be timed tests in class periodically and they will be graded on their proficiency using that cover.  Students will be given time in Lib Tech to complete some of their typing practice time and may use their chrome books in their classes when free work time arises.

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