October 11, 2018

Dear Fifth Grade Parents,


The Fifth Graders did such a wonderful job selling magazines this year!!! The assembly was really fun today and the students left with all their fun prizes!


The following is a curriculum update for the week of October 15 – 19, 2018.



Next week we will be moving on to Chapter 2, Made to be with God. We will be learning about the gift of longing for God. We will be discussing how materials things lose their importance over time but relationships with God and the people we care for will last forever. (We needed to use more time this last week to finish up the MAPS testing).   Steps to Respect – Next week’s lesson will be on Cyber Bullying.




10/15 – Chapter 2 Pre-Test

10/16 – Chapter 2 Test

10/17 – Chapter 2 Test

10/18 – Chapter 3 Lesson 1, Relate Division to Multiplication

10/19 – Chapter 3 Lesson 2, Hands On: Division Models



Mr. Schreck

Friday: Review Multiplying by a 2-Digit Number

Monday: Chapter 2 Review/ALEKS

Tuesday: Chapter 2 Test

Chapter 3, Divide by a One-Digit Divisor

Wednesday: Lesson 2, Division Models

Thursday: Lesson 3, Two Digit Dividends



Mrs. H

Next week, we will take our second 5th grade unit test.  The main focus of this unit was mastering multiplication and division of decimals.  We started reviewing this week and will spend another day reviewing on Monday.  Up next: addition and subtraction of fractions and mixed numbers!  The students will work with like and unlike fractions, mixed numbers, reducing their answers, and applying the skills to problem solving.


Language Arts

We have been tackling our Lesson 4 grammar classes by learning more about nouns and capitalization. Students are able to identify proper vs. common nouns with confidence as well as recognize when to capitalize.  Reminder, no school 10/12 will mean no Lesson 4 spelling quiz this week. The next spelling quiz will be on 10/19 for Lesson 4 words + challenge words! We will also be making our final edits for the personal narrative writings.



Students begin a new unit in Life Science. Students will discover the main parts and functions of animal cells. They will compare and contrast these parts (organelles) with plant cells. Students will be able to identify similar cells that make up tissue, and how different kinds of tissue work together to make up an organ. Looking ahead, students will take a test from their textbook on Lesson 1 (Is it Living?) Tuesday, October 23rd. They will complete a study guide to help them prepare.


Social Studies

The Chapter 4 study guide has been passed out in class. It has also been pushed out to my 5A Google Classroom. In class, we reviewed the answers for all 8 Artifacts in the Interactive Notebook. Students learned how to join the classroom and access it in class today. We will have a review for the test on Monday 10/15 (5A) and 10/16 (5B). The test will be on 10/18.



Next week we begin Lesson 3 in Journeys. We’ll be reading realistic fiction and persuasive text around the topic of voting. Our target skills this week will be compare/contrast as well as use of idioms. Our target strategy will be making inferences and predictions while reading. Your children are showing wonderful progress toward becoming self-advocates and taking responsibility for their own learning. Teaching 5th grade Reading is always the highlight of my week!!



Students are expected to complete 60 minutes of typing practice each week on the Typing.com website.  The students weekly grade will run Thursday through the following Wednesday.  Students have pasted their login information into their planner and should refer to it if they forget how to log in. Some students chose to change their password and will be responsible for writing that down in their planner for reference.  Games on the website do not count for typing time and students should stick to the lessons for credit.  Each student was provided a keyboard cover to use at home and school to make sure they are practicing typing using the home row keys without looking.  It’s important that students do not practice without their cover because there will be timed tests in class periodically and they will be graded on their proficiency using that cover.  Students will be given time in Lib Tech to complete some of their typing practice time and may use their chrome books in their classes when free work time arises.




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