2/22/07 Boomerang

December 7, 2006
Dear Fifth Grade Parents,

I hope you are enjoying the Advent season. The following is a brief curriculum update:

Friday: Lesson 41 Adding and Subtracting Fractions with Common Denominators
Monday: Lesson 42 Short Division
Tuesday: Lesson 43 Writing Quotients as Mixed Numbers
Wednesday: Lesson 44 Measuring Lengths with a Ruler
Thursday: Lesson 45 Classifying Quadrilaterals

We are busy learning about the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Students will receive the study guide for Chapter 15 on Tuesday. It will be due on the following Tuesday. The fifth graders will be receiving the sacrament of Reconciliation on Monday at 10:45am. It will be a communal service.

Social Studies
On Friday the fifth graders will be using the “Matrix” information they created in class to play a game on the information from lesson 5. Pages 20 and 21 in the student interactive notebook are due on Monday. Next week we will review the information from lesson 5 on Monday and Tuesday. We will have our lesson test on Friday. Please remind your child to visit the Internet Tutorial lesson 5. They will really have to study a bit each night for this lesson.

Next week during reading class, students will be working on their reading fluency by participating in a Christmas Readers Theater. Students will receive their parts on Monday and will present on Thursday.

Language Arts
Students begin working on a lost or found notice this week. This will be due on Friday, 12/15. A rubric will be handed out this week. In grammar, students will begin an introductory unit on commas, which, of course, are some of the trickiest, most diabolical punctuation marks in English.

Students will lean how land and water affect climate. They will discover how large bodies of water affect temperature; how ocean currents affect climate; and how the shape of the land affects climate. Students will discuss what factors give Western Washington a different climate than Eastern Washington. There will be a short quiz on Lessons 1 & 2 next Thursday.

Prayer Partner cards due to Ms. Semandiris Friday 12/15.
Bring in $2 or less item for class auction before 12/18.

Ms. Semandiris

October 12, 2006
Dear Fifth Grade Parents,

I have attached a pre-conference questionnaire. Please complete it and return it to me by Monday, 10/16. (Thank-you!) The following is a curriculum update for next week.

Math: Semandiris
Friday: Lesson 19, Division Facts
Monday: Lesson 20, Three Ways to Show Division
Tuesday: Test # 3
Wednesday: Investigation 2, Fractions: halves, Fourths, and Tenths
Thursday: Lesson 21, Problems About Equal Groups

Math: Kirmeyer
Parents should check out Mrs. Kirmeyer’s web page for next week’s info!

We are currently learning about Chapter 2, Worshiping God. This week students learned about Chico Mendes and his respect for God’s creation. They also wrote cinquain poems expressing thankfulness about nature. (These are displayed in front of 5A classroom.) Today students received the study guide for Chapter 2. This will be due next Wednesday. On Tuesday we will be learning about the bible story Luke 2:22-38 “Presentation in the Temple”. On Wednesday we will be learning how the sacraments relate to creation and nature. We will have a test on Chapter 2 on Thursday 10/19.

Social Studies
The fifth graders have been working on Lesson 3. This lesson is about the 7 different regions that the Native Americans settled in North America. We also looked at the tribes that settled in each region and the artifacts that were produced there. We will have a test on this lesson Wednesday 10/18. I suggest going over pages 12 and 13 in the notebook and reread lesson 3 over several times. Also, you can visit the History Alive link and practice lesson 3.

Next Monday and Tuesday we will be reviewing the Geography of the United States.
Long Term:
I will be asking the students to review and study the location of each state for a test in the future. I have not set a date yet but it will be at the end of November. I will give you enough notice. After we take that, the next long term assignment will be to memorize the capitols of each state!

Language Arts
5th grade continues to work on subjects and predicates in writing. Our goal is to write specific, detailed sentences. In writing, we have begun drafting our Halloween stories. Students focus on developing setting, plot,and characters in their stories.

Students will experiment with crystal formation to determine how the rate at which crystals form affects their size. Students will begin Chapter 2, The Earth’s Resources. They will explore the difference between renewable and nonrenewable resources by examining and classifying different resources. They will then discuss weather the resources can be used up or replenished.

Hatchet Test Ch. 4-6 Tuesday, 10/17
LWW Test Ch. 7-12 Thursday, 10/19

10/13- Annual Fund Gathering- see FCE for details!
10/16- Pre-conference form

Sell Sally Foster!!! Fund Raiser for Camp Seymour!

Have a great week!

Ms. Semandiris