September 24, 2015

September 24, 2015


Dear Fifth Grade Parents,


We have been really working hard here in 5A! The following is a curriculum update for the week of September 28th – October 2nd.



9/25 – Blue and Green Day – or Seahawks attire!

Sell Magazines!!!!!

October 2nd – No School



This week we completed Lesson 1 in the Steps to Respect anti-bullying curriculum. Today we reviewed the Chapter 1 study guide, Longing for God, as our test is on Monday 9/28. Student will need to spend some time studying for this test a bit each night! Don’t wait until the last minute!



9/28 – Ch. 2 Lesson 3, Powers and Exponents

9/29 – Ch. 2 Lesson 4, Multiplication Patterns

9/30 – Ch. 2, Lesson 5, Problem Solving Investigation

10/1 – Check My progress Lessons 1-5


Social Studies

*Chapter 1, Geography of the United States Test is tomorrow 9/25!!!

On Monday we will begin Chapter 4, Why Europeans left for the New World. In this lesson, students learn about European Exploration in the 15th and 16th Centuries by “excavating” and examining objects from “sunken ship”. In a Social Studies skill builder, pairs take on the role of underwater archeologists to investigate eight placards, each of which contains an image of an artifact from an explorer’s sunken ship. After analyzing and reading about the artifacts, students will categorize them into 3 different categories: as motives for exploration, as new technology that encouraged exploration, or as “new” products from the Americas. * Students may bring in their swim goggles for our deep sea diving adventure!


Students will discuss the work of aerospace engineers. They will brainstorm how the general features of the planets in our solar system impact the design of spacecraft. Next they will draw and label a fictional spacecraft designed to explore a specific planet in our solar system. Students will share how the features of their fictional spacecraft match its destination and mission goals.






This week in Reading, students are listening to a story about Aerospace Engineers and involved in discussions about that field. This is laying some groundwork for an Engineering unit that students will be participating in during Science. The students are very enthusiastic about this topic! We’ve also been reading a play with a focus on characterization and fine tuning our oral reading skills.


Language Arts

This week in Language Arts students looked at spelling words focused on the long a and the long e sound. In grammar students reviewed the four types of sentences and worked to identify these and create examples of their own. Students continued to work with narratives in writing and focused on the voice trait this week. Students worked to use vivid details and descriptions to bring out their character’s personality and voice in their writing. The next narrative piece will be about a time and place that presents a challenge.




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