September 17, 2015

September 17, 2015


Dear Fifth Grade Parents,


We have had a productive learning week in the fifth grade. I hope you all have a wonderful time at WestFest! The following is a curriculum update for the week of 9/21 – 9/28.



9/18 – Noon Dismissal

9/22 – Picture Day- Free Dress (Bring in order form)



We have completed the study guide for Chapter 1, Longing for God. Our Chapter 1 test will be on 9/28. Students should reread the chapter and study the study guide to review. Next week, we will be working on our Steps to Respect-Anti-bullying curriculum.



9/18- Ch. 1, Lesson 8, Order Whole Numbers and Decimals

9/21- Ch. 1, Lesson 9Problem Solving Investigation

9/22-Chapter Review

9/23- Chapter 1 Test

9/24-Ch. 2, L. 1 Prime Factorization

9/25- Ch. 2, Hands On Prime Factorization Patterns


Language Arts

This week in Language Arts students began unit 1 in the Journeys textbook. Students focused on short vowel sounds in spelling this week. In grammar, students reviewed subjects, predicates, and what makes a complete sentence. Students also began a narrative writing unit this week. We focused on the elements of a short story and how to write a clear beginning, middle, and end for a short story. Students have worked on planning and pre-writing for their own short stories and will soon begin writing their rough drafts.


Social Studies

The fifth graders have been working very had on Chapter 1, The Geography of the United States. Students received a study guide today in class today, which lists the concepts that will be on the test on 9/25. Unfortunately, we no longer have access to the on-line tests as TCI as discontinued them. I do want to take this opportunity to remind the students to review/study for upcoming tests ahead of time. We will be learning several different study skill methods in class this year as well.


Next week students will be acting out and presenting the “physical features” of the United States with a partner. This is a really fun way to memorize the physical features map.




5th Graders are working through some initial comprehension assessments while diving into Lesson 1. Each week there is a Target Skill focus aimed at improving comprehension. This week’s Target Skill was Story Structure which we continue to work with throughout the year. The students enjoyed identifying skills that readers use when reading like Scientists, Mathematicians, Engineers, Artists, Historians and Detectives.



Students will wrap up their experiments with pendulums with a quiz next Wednesday (9/23).

Students begin a unit in the Engineering is Elementary program titled: Aerospace Engineering: Designing Parachutes.

This unit introduces the field of aerospace engineering by guiding students to explore how aerospace engineers design and test technologies to be used in non-Earth environments. Hands-on activities, discussions, and readings are used to introduce students to the Engineering Design Process, the work of engineers.


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