September 2, 2011

Dear Fifth Grade Parents and Students,

I hope you are enjoying your last weekend before school starts! I am very excited to meet you all on Tuesday!

Ms. Semandiris

August Letter:

Dear Fifth Grade Student,

In just a few short weeks you will be entering the front doors of Holy Rosary School as fifth graders!  Fifth grade will be a year where you will learn many things about the environment, the formation of our country, and many other topics such as fractions and the seven sacraments.  You will also have the opportunity to grow closer to your fellow classmates throughout the year, and develop a unique bond that will only happen once in your life.

Many of you might already know me from seeing me in the hallway or around school, but I would like to formally introduce myself to you.  I am Ms. Semandiris and this year will mark my fifteenth year of teaching fifth grade at Holy Rosary School.  I enjoy writing, reading, traveling, and taking long walks.  I love teaching fifth grade at Holy Rosary because I get to spend my day with a wonderful staff and students that teach me something new everyday.

We will be switching classes regularly this year and you will have the opportunity to experience four different teachers each with a specific expertise.  Mrs. McFaul will teach Reading, Ms. Kesterson will teach Language Arts, Mr. Schreck will teach Science and I will teach Social Studies.  As your homeroom teacher I will also teach your Math and Religion class.  The first few weeks of school will be set up so that we have ample time to practice the procedures for switching classes.

This year will be very challenging.  My advice for you as a new fifth grade student is to come to class everyday with a positive attitude, and a Christian outlook on life.  In the fifth grade, we will strive to be a community of people who respect one another and help each other in times of need.  If each person makes a commitment to do this then we will have a successful year.

I am extremely excited to see all of your smiling faces on the first day of school.  Enjoy your last free days of summer vacation and get ready for a wonderful adventure in the fifth grade.


Ms. Penelope Semandiris