March 29th

March 29, 2007
Dear Fifth Grade Parents,

Camp is coming very soon. Please remember to turn in all your forms by April 3rd. Here is a brief curriculum update.

Next week we will be learning about Holy Week and the Triduum and the Easter Vigil. On Friday we will be attending the Stations of the Cross presented by the Holy Rosary 8th graders.

Friday- Lesson 88 Transformation
Monday- Lesson 89 Finding a Square Root
Tuesday- Test 16-Review
Wednesday- Lesson 90 Reducing Fractions, Part 2
Thursday – Test 17
(Notice I changed this to work for no HW over the break!)
Language Arts
Students have begun studying adjectives in grammar. In writing, they have begun working on a creation myth. Students will read and hear a number of creation stories from different cultures. Working in pairs, they will then write and illustrate their own creation myth. These will be due on Thursday, April 19th. Next week, due to some special Holy Week events, there will be no spelling words. Remember that you can check my website for updates:

Students will investigate an owl’s niche by studying owl pellets. Students will separate objects in the pellet like bones, fur or feathers. Students will identify and organize the different types of bones they find.

Social Studies
This week the fifth grades will begin Chapter 11, Fight for Independence. We will not the assessment for this Chapter until after the break. Tomorrow we will have our Chapter 10 assessment. Please make sure your child has prepared for the test.

Have a wonderful Holy Week,

Ms. Semandiris