The week of April 30th, the fifth grade will be starting the ITBS testing. We will be testing all week and part of the next week. Please remember that good nutrition and rest is needed for the students to perform their very best. This is the week after camp so make sure your child gets lots of sleep that weekend! Thanks!

April 19, 2007
Dear Fifth Grade Parents,

Next week is Camp! Please look in this week’s boomerang for a letter with important reminders. A big THANKS to Mrs. Lewis for organizing the fifth grade Auction Project. They turned out so beautiful. Make sure to bid on them at the auction next week. Here is a brief curriculum update.

Next we will have our Chapter 18 test on Tuesday. The “Dream Meal” collage is also due on Tuesday.

Friday: Lesson 94, Using Estimation When Dividing by Two-Digit Numbers
Monday: Lesson 95, Reciprocals
Tuesday: Test 18

Social Studies
Tomorrow (4/20) the fifth graders will be holding a debate between three famous Loyalists and three famous Patriots. Students have used class time this week preparing for this debate.
This activity was an excellent review for the test on Chapter 11, next Monday 4/23. Please remember to review the “History Alive” site for the test. vocabulary as well as notebook pages for this chapter should also be studied.

Students will learn how living things get energy and how energy moves through an ecosystem. Students are diagramming food webs and energy pyramids to show energy flow.

Camp – Please read the letter enclosed in the Boomerang today!
Class Picture Day 4/24 (Tuesday)
A BIG Thanks to Mr. Kuehl for making the wood name tags for camp.

Ms. Semandiris

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