March 23, 2017


March 23, 2017


Dear Fifth Grade Parents,


I hope you are well. Please remember that tomorrow is Friday, so it’s a “Sock Drive” turn in day!!!!



3/24 – Free Dress for Everyone!!!!

3/29 – Camp Seymour Parent Informational Meeting in HRS Library 6pm

3/31 – Noon Dismissal




We are currently finishing up Chapter 18, Liturgy of the Eucharist. Our test for this chapter is on 3/30.




3/24 – Check My Progress Quiz

3/27 – Chapter Review

3/28 – Ch. 8 Test

3/29 – Chapter 9, L. 1 Round Fractions

3/30 – Chapter 9, L. 2 Add Like Fractions


Language Arts

This week in language arts the focus for spelling was three different ending sounds. In grammar, students learned about different forms of the verbs be and have, and how they function in verb phrases. Students continued researching for their written biography, and we began organizing information into a working outline this week. Next week we will begin writing the essay.



Students have been performing Reader’s Theater, focusing on oral reading fluency. The audience members are practicing respectful listening and providing feedback to the readers. Our second book club is flying by quickly as students enjoy another good book with friends and create a slide show to present their books to classmates. Ask your 5th grader to take a peek at their slide show on google!



Students will work in small groups to build and test three parachutes based on different designs. They will record the results of their experiments. They will then analyze their data on parachute drop speed to determine the characteristics of an effective parachute. They will discuss and share their testing results.


Social Studies

The fifth graders are currently working on Chapter 10, Tensions Rise Between the Colonies and Great Britain. We are working in pairs to learn about 6 events, which caused tensions to rise. Students are using a Parent/Child metaphor to better understand the relationship between Great Britain and the Colonies at this time.



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