March 15, 2007

March 15, 2007

Dear Fifth Grade Parents,

The second trimester ended Friday, March 9th. If you are checking the parent access page I am currently adding a few assignments from last week, participation grades, claimed “no-name”, and late/absent work.

Friday: Investigation *8: Displaying Data
Monday: Lesson 81, Reducing Fractions, Part 1
Tuesday: Lesson 82, Greatest Common Factor (GCF)
Wednesday: Lesson 83, Properties of Geometric Solids
Thursday: Lesson 84, Mean, Median, Mode, Range

Next week we will begin Chapter 18, Liturgy of the Eucharist. We are also working on our “Catholic Prayer Book”. This project will be done at school. There are a few prayers that the fifth graders learn this year. The first on is the “Prayer for the faithful Departed.” This prayer needs to be memorized by 3/21.

Language Arts
Students spent a short time on conjunctions in grammar. Next, they will study adjectives and adverbs. In writing, they handed in a persuasive event advertisement today. As always, spelling homework is due on Friday, the day of the spelling test. Remember that you can check my website for updates:

Social Studies
Next week the fifth graders will continue to study Chapter 10. This chapter is about “The growing tensions Between the Colonies and Britain”. This chapter covers key events between the years 1754 to 1774. Please see website for specific Homework nightly.

Student will take a test on Chapter 3 next Tuesday. Students will conclude their study of life science with Chapter 4, Ecology. Students will learn what makes up an ecosystem and how energy moves through an ecosystem.

3/16 – St Patrick’s Day Mass 8:45 am. You may wear Green tomorrow but do not paint your face or hair.

3/22-Report Cards
3/23- No School


Ms. Semandiris