January 25, 2018

January 25, 2018


Dear Fifth Grade Parents,


Next week is Catholic Schools Week! Remember to look at the EFC for the detailed run down of the daily events! Tomorrow the students will receive a Mid-Trimester Report letter with instructions. Please read the instructions and then sign and return the signature portion of the form!


Please be on the lookout for a re-enrollment link that will go out on Monday, January 15th.  Re-enrollment will run from January 15-January 31st.  Current school families will add in any new students and select their tuition plan for 2018-19.  The first class to complete re-enrollment will win one free pass.  Any questions, please contact Jennifer Kokkonis at jkokkonis@holyrosaryws.org.


2/1 – 5A Thank You Auction – Please donate an item or two for our class auction! (Under $5.00) You can bring in an item but do not bring in food. Thanks!! Ideas: pens, pencils, notebooks, stickers, any dollar store item, toy, books! We will take gently used items as well!!!



Next week we will be working on our Empathy Training curriculum all week! The students seem to really enjoy these lessons. We will be doing lesson 5, Taking Others’ Perspectives, and Lesson 6, Accepting Differences.





1/29 – Ch. 6 L. 13, Divide Decimals

1/30 – Ch. 6 L. 14, Divide Decimals by Powers of 10

1/31= Chapter Review

2/1 – No Math – Spelling Bee

2/2 – No Math – Spirit Assembly

Looking Ahead!

2/5 – Ch. 6 Pre-Test

2/6 – Chapter 6 Test


Mr. Schreck

Chapter 7, Expressions & Patterns

Friday: Biomedicine Lesson, ALEKS

Monday: Lesson 2, Order of Operations (part 2)

Tuesday: Lesson 3, Write Numerical Expressions

Wednesday: Quiz, Lessons 2 & 3

Thursday: No Math (Spelling Bee



This week students are investigating a “Mystery Illness” that is going around a fictional school. Students are learning about 17 different illnesses. They are categorizing them into communicable vs. non-communicable. Then they are reading about several students and their symptoms. They will then try to diagnose the illnesses by matching them with the symptoms and see if there are any emerging patterns. They will also learn about bacteria and viruses.



Social Studies

The fifth graders have begun Chapter 8, Facing Slavery. In this chapter we will learn about three dilemmas the people of West Africa faced during the North American Slave Trade. Students will work in small groups to decide what they would do when faced with each dilemma. Then they will read to find out what the West African people actually did in history.


Language Arts

In Language Arts this week, students have been working on spelling words with the VCCV pattern (ask your 5th grader what this means 🙂 Students have also been practicing replacing subject and object nouns with the correct pronoun. I would encourage students to continue to study for their spelling tests throughout the week and to remember to stay focused in class – especially while the teacher is talking or another student is asking a question. Active listening skills are ever-so-important in 5th grade. Have a wonderful weekend!



5th graders are working on a Take-Home test covering Ch. 1-8. This is due on Monday. Students are encouraged to use their books, Sparknotes, a dictionary and their character adjective sheets to complete the test.



Inventions are due tomorrow. They will be displayed in the hallway for Catholic Schools Week.

Students will discover what makes producers important in an ecosystem. They will also learn how consumers get their energy.

Students will take an Ecology quiz on lessons 1 & 2 in their textbooks Tuesday, Feb 6th. They will complete two study guides in class to help them prepare.




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