January 18, 2018

January 18, 2018


Dear Fifth Grade Parents,


Tomorrow we will be starting the winter MAPS testing. Throughout the next two weeks we will be testing mostly during Religion and Lib-Tech class times!


5A Spelling Bee Contestants! The Spelling Bee will be held on Thursday 2/1 at 9:30am. This is during Catholic School Week.

1. Marianna Sprague
2. Connor Delaney

5A Subs

1. Zachary Hansen
2. Luke Hoffman



1/26 – Jeans Day! We will be planting primroses during Faith Family to beautify our campus for Open House on 1/28!

1/26 – Invention Convention Due!




Chapter 6 Multiply and Divide Decimals

1/22 – L. 9, Estimate Quotients

1/23 – Check My Progress Quiz – Lessons 6,7,8 & 9.

1/24 – L. 11, Divide Decimals by Whole Numbers



Mr. Schreck

Friday: Biomedicine Lesson, ALEKS

Monday: Chapter 6 Test, Multiply & Divide Decimals

Chapter 7, Expressions & Patterns

Tuesday: Lesson 2, Order of Operations

Wednesday: Order of Operations part II

Thursday: ALEKS



Mrs. Heuer


Did you know that the ratio of right handed people to left handed people is 9:1?  In Chapter 1, we are exploring ratios like these.  We start each by going through the lesson vocabulary.  We love our students to speak with a rich math vocabulary, so these vocabulary words are included on the test.  In this chapter, we will show ratios in many different ways, including as reduced fractions, in proportions, in tables, and in graphs.  We will conclude this chapter next week, spend two days reviewing the lessons, and then will take our chapter test.


SS 5th

Next week we will have our Chapter 7 test on Monday 1/22 (5A) and Tuesday 1/23 (5B). I changed this date to give them more time since I was sick on Tuesday 1/15. The remainder of the week we will begin Chapter 8, Facing Slavery. At the end of this chapter, students will be able to describe three key dilemmas faced by Africans during enslavement: the European slave trade in West Africa, the Middle Passage, and the arrival in North America

  • Identify various ways in which West Africans responded to the dilemmas they faced.
  • Empathize with the West Africans who had to respond to such dilemmas.


Language Arts

This week in Language Arts, students have been trying out for the Catholic Schools Week Spelling Bee! I am so proud of all their hard work, active listening, and respectful participation during the course of this week. Students are also completing a unit review of the past several lessons in grammar to see what they have retained from the past couple of months. I do apologize for the mistake in last week’s boomerang – we will begin Lesson 11 and will be back to the normal LA routine next week. Have a great weekend!


Reading – TBA

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