Boomerang Newsletter: February 7 – 10, 2022

Dear Fifth Grade Parents,


We had a wonderful Catholic Schools Week!! The students looked great in their “Wild West” gear today! Today you will be receiving an email with your child’s Mid-Trimester Report. Please remember this is just a check-in. Students have the opportunity to turn in late/missing work. We ask that they email the appropriate teacher when they have completed their missing/late work so we can correct it and add it to Alma. Thank you!


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Upcoming Dates:


  • February 11th – No School (Teacher In Service)
  • February 18th – Noon Dismissal
  • February 21st – Presidents’ Day – No School
  • February 22nd – Winter Break – No School
  • March 2nd – Ash Wednesday
  • March 18th – Noon Dismissal



Monday we will be using our Religion class to work on our 5th Grade Auction Project. We will have our Ch. 15 test on 2/9. Students can study the study guide and reread the Chapter for this test. We will have a review in class on Tuesday!


Second Step – Lesson 8. Planning for Change


Students will be able to identify at least one change a person can make to manage a strong emotion in a recurring situation.



Math – Ms. Semandiris

Chapter 6 Multiply and Divide Decimals

Monday (2/7) Ch. 6, Lesson 1, Estimate Products of Whole Numbers and Decimals

Tuesday (2/8) Ch. 6, Lesson 3, Multiply Decimals by Whole Numbers

Wednesday (2/9) Ch. 6 Lesson 5, Multiply Decimals

Thursday (2/10) p. 411 Check My Progress

Friday – No School


Math: Mr. Schreck

Chapter 6: Multiply & Divide Decimals

Monday: Lesson 14, Divide Decimals by Powers of Ten

Tuesday: Chapter 6 Review

Wednesday: Chapter 6 Test

Chapter 7: Expressions & Patterns

Thursday: Lesson 2, Order of Operations

Friday: No School


Math – Mrs. Heuer

Monday: *More with 2.8 and start review

Tuesday: *Review – group review

Wednesday: *Review – individual review

Thursday: *Ch. 2 test

Friday: *No school – teacher inservice


Social Studies

Next week we will continue working on Chapter 7, Comparing the Colonies. Students are writing “Reading Notes” on four areas (Reason for Founding, Geography/Climate, Economy and Government.) They will also be making Colonial Billboards to advertise the colony they were assigned.



Students learn what makes up an ecosystem. They will be able to describe how habitats and niches are related. Students will also discover how populations and communities are related in a tropical rainforest.


Happy weekend! This past week, students finished part two: “Via.” They completed text-dependent questions, as well as a “character emotion” chart, on which they graphed Via and Auggie’s emotions throughout the first part of the book. These charts help students analyze character traits. On Monday, students will finish this chart. They will also get a new double-entry journal as we begin part three: “Summer.” Throughout next week, students will be expected to complete their double-entry journals while they read at home. We will be focusing on finding motifs and writing theme statements. Let me know if you have any questions.

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