Boomerang Newsletter – February 11, 2022

Dear Fifth Grade Parents,


I hope you are doing well. We have been working very hard in 5A!


Valentine’s Day: Students are welcome to make Valentine cards for their homeroom class. We will pass them out in class on Valentine’s Day.

  • If you make Valentines you must make one for every person in your homeroom. The class list is in the HRS Directory.  
  • Also, Valentine’s Day – Monday 2/14 is Free Dress in Valentine’s Colors!!!




  • February 11th – No School (Teacher In Service)
  • February 14th – Valentine’s Day – Free Dress in Valentines colors!!!
  • February 18th – Noon Dismissal
  • February 21st – Presidents’ Day – No School
  • February 22nd – Winter Break – No School
  • March 2nd – Ash Wednesday
  • March 11th – No School
  • March 18th – Noon Dismissal & 3nd Trimester Report Cards


Here is a curriculum update for the week of February 14 – 18th:



We will be moving on to Chapter 16, Gathered as One. The main concepts in this chapter are as follows:

  • The wheat bread and grape wine become the Body and Blood of Christ in the Sacrament of the Eucharist.
  • Participating in the Mass is a duty and privilege
  • Participating fully in the Mass, or serving in one of the many ministries at Mass, helps us to open our hearts to the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist.


Math – Ms. Semandiris

Monday (2/14) – Valentine’s Day Math

Tuesday (2/15) – Ch. 6 Check My Progress Quiz L. 1-6

Wednesday (2/16) – Ch. 6 Multiply Decimals By Powers of Ten

Thursday (2/17) – Ch. 6 L. 7 Problem Solving Investigation – Look for a Pattern

Friday (2/18) – Aleks


Math – Mr. Schreck

Chapter 7: Expressions & Patterns

Monday: Lesson 2, Order of Operations

Tuesday: Lesson 2, part 2

Wednesday: Lesson 3, Write Numerical Expressions

Thursday: Review Lesson 2 & 3

Friday: Quiz Lessons 2 & 3/ALEKS


Math – Mrs. Heuer

Monday: *5.1 Integers and Graphing

Tuesday: *5.2 Absolute Value

Wednesday: *5.3 Compare and Order Integers

Thursday: *5.4 Terminating and Repeating Decimals

Friday: *TBD – Likely a review of the week



Students will discover the role of producers in an ecosystem. They will also learn how consumers get the energy and nutrients they need. Students will take an Ecology quiz on lessons 1 & 2 in their textbooks Friday, Feb. 11th. They will complete two study guides in class to help them prepare.


Social Studies

Next week we will continue to work on Ch. 7 Comparing the Colonies. Students are working to complete their Billboard of the colony that was assigned to them. Students will then do a group presentation to the class to advertise their colony. Looking ahead, the test for this Chapter will be on 2/24.



Happy weekend HRS families! Your children have been doing an outstanding job reading, and analyzing Wonder, as evidenced by writing performances and discussions. This is just a friendly reminder that, during the week, there is daily homework, which includes reading and adding one quote/commentary to their double-entry for each chapter. I enter the double-entries into Alma by section, which represents a number of homework assignments. This is something I’m trying out, and believe is effective for strong analysis. If you find it’s too much, or hard for your child to keep track of, let me know. I’m happy to adjust my plans. Next week, we start Part Four: Jack. In this section, students will witness August’s story through the eyes of one of his bullies. We will have many opportunities to discuss why bullying happens, what to do, and how it affects the victims. Double-entry 5 is due on Monday (We finished this section on Thursday), and students will get a new one for this section. We will continue to practice writing about themes using the RACE strategy, and then connecting paragraphs in a theme essay. Take care, and have a lovely weekend.


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