April 23, 2009

ITBS TESTING 4/27-5/1 Remember to gets lots of sleep and eat a healthy breakfast!!!!

April 23, 2009

Dear Fifth Grade Parents,

In the Boomerang envelope today is a “Reminder List” for Camp Seymour. Please read it over with your child. Camp is May 4-6th! It is coming up very soon! ITBS testing starts on Monday! Please remember to have your child get lots of sleep next week.

Here an update for the following week:
No Math, Religion or Social Studies – ITBS Testing

Social Studies
5A will be ITBS testing during Social Studies all next week. The following week we go to Camp and then we will start on Thursday 4/7 with Chapter 14, The Constitution.

Students will learn how rocks change form (the rock cycle). They will also discover how fossils indicate how the earth has change. Students will take a test on Chapter 1 next Thursday (4/30).

Language Arts: Students compete the final drafts of their Earth Day poems. We have published these on recycled grocery bags. You’ll be able to see them on display in the hallways. Next week, students will review rules of punctuation and capitalization. There is no spelling homework or test this week.

Reading: 5th Graders have been given the 3rd Trimester Book Report guidelines. The reading goal for this book report is to stretch by reading a book from an unfamiliar genre. Some are resisting this a bit, but I am encouraging the students to be open to trying a different type of literature. The report form itself will be handed out after the students read their books, and will be tailored to fit the genre of the book. Book Reports are due on May 21st. Homework passes will not be accepted.
Have a great Week!
Ms. Semandiris