April 18, 2013

April 18, 2013

Dear Fifth Grade Parents,

Please remember to turn in your camp forms.  Camp is right around the corner. Next week we will put our reminder list in the Boomerang.

Family Life books were sent home today. Please read the letter inside the book. Sign and return the letter and return the book to school.

Also, I would like to add that the Class Auction Project looks beautiful! Don’t forget to bid on this fancy piece of art at the auction. Also, you can bid on it even if you are not going to the auction. Contact: Mrs. Savage


Monday – Test #16/Pre-test will be given on Friday

Tuesday – no math/Mass

Wednesday – Lesson 86, Multiplying Fractions and Whole Numbers

Thursday – Lesson 87, Using Manipulatives to Divide Fractions


Next week in Religion class we will continue on with our study of the Sacraments of Commitment. Most students finished their study guides. We will be reviewing this information throughout the week.  The test will be on 4/29.

Social Studies

Today we began Chapter 11, To Declare Independence or Not. In this Chapter students will perform a “mock” debate, Patriots vs. Loyalists. Students will be placed in groups and assigned roles to prepare for this debate. They will also be completing the Interactive Notebook in class as well as for homework.  The debate will be on April 25th. The test for this lesson will be on April 26th.

Reading: 5th Graders have been taking a walk down Memory Lane this week! We’ve all enjoyed hearing about special memories shared as a follow up to our story, The Memory Box.


Students are learning about motion. Students will set up a system to pull the vehicles they have built from K’nex pieces. They will then compare and discuss how the motion of their vehicle changes when more or less weight on a string is used to pull them. Students will then draw conclusions about the effect of differently weighted strings on the motion of their string-pulled vehicles.

 Language Arts

This week students will continue to use the writing process and focus on Sentence Fluency and Organization to create a final draft of their paragraph in class. Students have been working on their descriptive character paragraph for a few weeks now and are in the process of restructuring sentences and adding transition words for fluidity. The process for the paragraph is modeled in class as students complete each step of the process.

This paragraph will be completed in class as ITBS testing continues. I will have a one-on-one conference with each student to help them build skills within their writing. Students will not have a spelling test until April 23rd. New spelling words have been given to each student.

Have a great week!

Ms. Semandiris