October 16, 2008

October 16, 2008

Dear Fifth Grade Parents,

Next week is a short week because of conferences. Please review this curriculum update for the following week.

Friday: Lesson 22, One-Digit Division with a Remainder
Monday: Recognizing Halves
Tuesday: Parentheses * Associative Property

Next week we have religion on Tuesday. We will be using that time to review student portfolios. The following week we will continue with lesson2 in our text. The students did such a wonderful job on the prayer service!!!

Social Studies
We will continue to work on Lesson 3, Native Americans Cultural Regions. The test on this lesson will be on 10/3

Students continue to observe and discuss the phases of the moon. Students will explore the properties of stars and learn what constellations and galaxies are.

5th graders learned about text features and graphic sources to practice reading for information. We used a special edition of the Weekly Reader, which focuses around the upcoming Presidential Election. Also this week, students were given a reading class time to work on their first trimester book reports. You will receive some samples your student’s work during conferences. Encourage your student to read all notes written on individual assignments. If you have any questions about how your child is doing in my class, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Mrs. McFaul

Looking ahead:
Students should be finishing up their Newbery books and beginning to work on the rough drafts for their 1st trimester book report. We will begin reading the novel Hatchet after conference week. If there are images in this attachment, they will not be displayed. Download the original attachment

Language Arts
5th graders took their first L.A. test this week. Those tests will be marked and shared with the students next week. You will be able to review them at your child’s upcoming conference. The 5th grade teachers have met together to discuss student progress and concerns and those will be shared with you at conferences. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any specific concerns in regards to your child’s performance in my class (Ms. Corrigan.)

Over the next few class periods, we will begin writing persuasive essays. Students will use the “4-square” pre-writing method to generate and organize ideas. There is a spelling review assignment due this Monday. The students will take a spelling review test on Monday, as well.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Ms. Semandiris