June 5, 2008

I had this written on Thursday and I forgot to put it online! Sorry!

Dear Fifth Grade Parents,

This will be the last Boomerang for the year! Thank you so much for such a great year. Here is a brief curriculum update for next week.

Class Auction is next Wednesday. Please donate an item or two under $2.00-$5.00. (It does not have to be food!) Be creative – the dollar store is always a hit!

During religion next week I will be teaching the girls about Chapter 6. The study guide for this chapter was handed out today and is do in class on Monday. (Mr. Schreck will be teaching the boys.)

Students will explore voluntary responses of the central nervous system by testing visual reflexes. Students will measure and graph how fast they can grasp a ruler when it is dropped just above the thumb and index finger.
Family Life: Students will begin Chapter 6, Growing to Motherhood next Monday.

Social Studies
We have been learning about Chapter 14, The Constitution. On Friday we will begin to learn about the Bill of Rights in Chapter 15. Students will not be formally assessed on these two chapters but we will be working on the activities in the chapters during social studies classes until the Tuesday of next week.

This week 5th graders have been practicing the Target Skill of ‘Reading for Information.’ Rather than use the informational passages in our Scott Foresman Reading text, the students spent time in their Science text reading and re-reading the information to prepare for their Science quiz this week. We discussed the necessity of planning a strategy to better prepare for quizzes, including re-reading the text, studying notes, creating flashcards and making up questions.
Language Arts
This week, students explore newspaper writing. We identify examples of different styles of writing throughout the newspaper. Students choose one type of article to write in class (news story, editorial, feature, etc.). There is no spelling assignment or test this week.

Have a great week!

Ms. Semandiris