December 19, 2013


December 19, 2013

Dear Fifth Grade Parents,

I wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. As you know my dad has been in the hospital for the past 32 days. He is now at a recovery home to receive physical therapy daily. We are hopeful that he can be home for Christmas! I wanted to thank you for all your prayers this past month it has been a really difficult time.


Thank you so much for all your donations to our Adopted Family! We were able to get presents for the kids, the mom, stockings for all as well as a microwave!!!!

In January, Grade Five is in charge of the main hallway bulletin board. We will be writing Epiphany emotion poems the week of January 6-10.


Monday 1/6: Ch. Fluency Practice

Tuesday 1/7: Chapter 4 Review

Wednesday1/8: Ch. 4Pre-test

Thursday 1/9: Ch. 4 Test

Social Studies

The fifth graders will begin Learning about Chapter 6, Early English Settlements of Jamestown, Roanoke and Plymouth. They will be completing their Interactive Notebooks in class with a small group.


Students will compare different body cells with their function. They will compare similarities of tissues, organs, and body systems.

Language Arts

The 5th grade students did a wonderful job on their Thanksgiving essays. I was able to meet with each student about their writing and what each student’s focus should be on the next essay. This week, students have been and will be continuing to learn about possessive nouns. This is a very difficult unit for students and they will be working hard in class to identify the proper use of ‘s or s’ to show possession of a noun.  Students will also be learning the exceptions to the rules, causing spelling of the noun to change. A study guide by given on Thursday or Friday this week. The grammar test on Possessive nouns will be next Thursday, December 19th.